How to Style a Layered Haircut

Layers are an eye-catching hairstyle that’s easy to style. They work on all lengths and textures of locks, adding movement to both straight and wavy locks. TikTokers like @barbiebrignoni have been sharing images featuring face-framing layers on curly hair that create an elegant, feminine style and a fuller silhouette.

Asian hair

Asian hair tends to be straight and thick, providing the ideal canvas for classic styles that exude femininity and timelessness. By selecting an appropriate cut, Asian locks can create bold and sophisticated techniques or relaxed and casual techniques.

For those with thick Asian hair, the disconnected undercut haircut is one of the most stylish choices available. It makes your strands appear wider while giving you flexibility in terms of texture and finishes.

If you have medium-length Asian hair, consider styling it in a tousled lob with blonde balayage for easy upkeep and an attractive frame for your face. Add side-swept fringe for an edgy yet chic appearance.

For long Asian hair, opt for a sleek bob with slight face-framing layers. This style looks fantastic when worn with side-swept bangs and can be made more eye-catching with pastel colors or feathering and wispy Korean bangs to spice it up further.

Long hair

If your locks are long and straight, adding layers is an effective way to add volume. Layers create shape, movement, and texture while alleviating some weight that makes your hair appear flat and lifeless.

Opt for a medium-length layered shag that features face-framing layers for an eye-catching, feminine style. Complement this look with natural-looking blonde color that shows off all of your layers!

Women with long hair who want to experiment can opt for a shattered shag haircut with asymmetrical layers that draw the eye inwards, such as those found in an ombre hue or with long wavy layers with side fringe and long wavy layers with side fringe for an unfussy beachy vibe. Add depth with balayage or ombre hues for additional dimension in the depth of their locks.

Thin Hair

Layering can help add volume and texture to long thin locks, especially with feathered layers and curtain bangs. Feathered layers look stunning on this hair type when accented by baby lights or root melt.

Long thin hair looks gorgeous when styled into a straight bob cut with face-framing layers. To really make this haircut stand out, add depth with light blonde balayage that creates beautiful depth effects for added impact.

If you have a short pixie layered haircut, the key to styling it elegantly is adding feathered layers that frame your forehead and add movement to the strands. Add in some volumizing spray for maximum volume, and you have yourself the ideal look for an outing with friends – add in streaks of vibrant color for added flare! When finished, pull back into an updo and show off your unique new style!

Curly hair

Curly hair with layers can genuinely unleash its beauty potential when cut correctly. Layers add dimension and texture while increasing movement and volume; without layers, curly locks tend to stretch out, becoming unruly and flat-looking; but well-placed layers create definition and add structure that won’t weigh them down top-heavily.

Curly layered cuts can be chic and sophisticated when executed properly while remaining feminine and romantic. A shoulder-grazing pixie with subdued layers may provide just the look for this modern girl-next-door hairstyle.

If you want a dramatic look, an angular bob with layers may make an impactful statement. This style can be particularly flattering on women with round faces as it will balance their curves while creating an eye-catching frame around their eyes. Texturizing products are essential when styling this hairstyle to allow the layers to fall naturally and effortlessly.