Adding Layers to Hair

Layering can add movement and volume to any hairstyle, helping remove bulk from thick, heavy locks for a more polished appearance.

Long Layers

If you have long hair, layers are an incredible tool for creating stunning styles that stand out. They add volume and balance long hair’s weight, while adding dimension. There are endless variations of layering, depending on the desired look. Choppy layers create a lived-in and textured effect, while long layers that gradually lengthen from crown to end offer a subtler, blended look.

Short Layers

Long layers can add texture and volume without cutting too short, providing the ideal solution for those with longer locks who want to switch up their style without losing length. Layering short hair can be done independently, but it’s wise to visit a professional stylist for optimal results.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers add movement and definition to your locks, particularly for thin or delicate textures. They provide volume and lift while framing the face for balance in any haircut. Ask your stylist to use point-cutting techniques to soften any chunky or jagged appearance. You can enhance the appearance of choppy layers by applying wax between your fingers and scrunching the ends.

Face Framing Layers

Face framing layers are a great addition to bob haircuts, enhancing the facial structure without making dramatic statements. These shorter layers begin around the cheekbones and draw the eye upward while slimming the face and neck. For curly hair, layers can add volume and texture. Consult an experienced stylist for curtain bangs-style face-framing layers. Using a sliding cut technique, you can practice cutting face-framing layers at home with the appropriate shears and mirrors.