The Hottest 70s Hair Styles

Long Hair

Feathered hair and side ponytails with curtain bangs were popular in the 70s. These looks can be recreated today with hairspray.

Pin Straight Hair

Straight hair paired with darker color palettes was trendy in the 70s. Get a jaw-grazing cut and use a texturizing spray to achieve this sleek style.

Afro Style

The Afro was a fashionable natural hairstyle in the 70s, particularly among black communities. It was often accessorized with bandanas or scarves for a hippie touch.

Facial Hair

Beard styles started to change in the 70s. Hippies preferred long, thick beards, while younger men experimented with handlebar mustaches.

Natural Hair

Women embraced their natural hair in the 70s. Dorothy Hamill’s iconic Afro, along with the bob haircut and choppy layers, became popular.


Face-framing layers were a popular choice for women in the 70s. Curtain bangs, as seen on Farrah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angels, can be worn wavy or straight.

Feathered Hair

Feathered hair was a trendy hairstyle in the 70s. This layered cut featured face-framing layers that added volume. Use hairspray and teasing for extra volume.

Clip-in Bangs

For a more straightforward approach, try clip-in bangs. They can be quickly styled with texturizing spray for added drama without overwhelming the look.

Disco Curls

Disco curls were all about significant volume and shimmer. This style works best for wavy or curly hair with some texture. Prep with texturizing spray and the right barrel size for optimal results.

Natural Hair

Black women embraced their natural curls in the 70s. Layered and wild-child styles were popular, often accessorized with sparkly headbands.

Rock and Roll Hair

Feathered layers, Androgynous cuts, and bold afros came back in the 70s counterculture revolution and are still popular today for a rock and roll and free-spirited look.

Hippie Hair

Blonde hair with beachy waves, shaggy curtain bangs, and teased crowns were reminiscent of hippie fashion from the 1960s. Add a flower headband for the complete look.

Voluminous Curls

Black women looking to show off their curls should try a layered and wild-child disco hairstyle with the help of styling products and hairspray for a complete and voluminous style.