Black Natural Hairstyles 2020

Many Black women choose natural styles when styling their hair, embracing both its beauty and symbolic power. Unfortunately, Black people face discrimination when wearing natural braids, cornrows, dreadlocks, or Bantu knots in the workplace or school.

Shoulder-Length Hair: Bun Hawk with Flat Twists

If you have shoulder-length hair, try styling it into a bun hawk with flat twists for an elegant touch to any look. This option works well both casually and for formal events alike.

Thick Bronze Curls

Bring out thick natural hair’s total volume with this bronze color. Look for thick spirals with a warm hue. It’s excellent for highlighting dark features and pairs beautifully with black locks. Influencers have been rocking her curls with pride. This effortless look requires minimal upkeep; use a leave-in conditioner to maintain it. A curling wand or rods can help create giant, voluminous spirals without falling flat.

Purple and Red: Majestic and Dramatic

Purple is the color of bold femme fatales, so it is no surprise that many Black women enjoy it. Combined with red, it becomes even more majestic and dramatic, creating a unique, royal hue that makes you feel powerful and unstoppable! Additionally, this shade will perfectly accentuate green eyes and brown complexions, giving it an unforgettable effect. Give this trend a try now, and you won’t regret it!

Brown Kinks with Orange Highlights

This look could be perfect if you want to add some brightness while keeping your natural texture. Brown kinks with orange highlights are a striking way of accentuating curls, coils, and kinks in your locks and standing out from their surroundings. Regular upkeep will be needed to maintain each ring’s total volume and shine.

Subtle Highlights for Textured Beauty

While pastel hair chalks and manic panic colors were once trendy, more naturals today opt for subtler ways of adding color. Dark brown or black highlights can help enhance your textured beauty without jeopardizing its health.

Flirty Mini Puff Mohawk

Try a playful yet flirty spin on the classic mohawk with this protective style featuring short natural curls and shaved sides paired with cute puffs. It creates a mini puff mohawk that’s sure to turn heads.

Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Natural short hairstyles for black women provide many styling possibilities. For instance, naturally wavy pixie cuts offer plenty of backcombed styling options for a windblown or sleeker finish with trimmed edges. Those with curly bobs may give themselves a side-shaved haircut for an attention-grabbing look. This style is sure to turn heads and generate discussion!

Light Brown Kinks with Orange Highlights

One striking way to rock your curls is with a light brown kinks look featuring orange highlights. This beautiful color combination creates an eye-catching texture. Keep your hair moisturized and trimmed regularly to ensure that this style lasts.

Tapered Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Tapered styles offer black women with balding edges the chance to regrow those areas more securely, giving you confidence when styling natural locks. Speak to your barber about designing tapered styles with tapered edges that blend seamlessly with wild waves while adding color for a vibrant appearance.

Sister Locks: Cute and Versatile

Sister locks are an adorable style for black hair that looks stunning when left loose. Not only are they cute and versatile, but this protective style also serves as a beautiful shield from daily styling and tangling! You could add hair extensions to lengthen your sister’s locks even further for an updated look.

Classic Bob with Fade Haircut

Black women looking to showcase their natural beauty may opt for a classic bob with a faded haircut. This timeless look can easily be updated with lighter hues for an edgy finish.