AcNL Hairstyles – Changing Your Look With a New Hair Color

If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your character’s appearance, Animal Crossing: New Leaf offers various options for Hairstyles. You can choose between natural and intense colors, and can even change your eye color. However, it’s important to wait 14 days after changing your Hairstyle before you can change your eye color. You can consult the Hair color guide to learn about all your options.

Fab Hairstyles

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons game allows you to customize your character with over a hundred hairstyles and outfits. To change your look, press the “A” button and choose from one of 106 options. Once you’ve chosen a look, press the “+” button to complete it. Initially, you’ll have only Default options available, but later on, you can unlock additional options at Nook Stop.

New Hairstyles have been added in the 2.0 Free Update. This pack contains seven new hairstyles for Harriet. These include an elegant above-the-ear cut, a touseled hairstyle, a short middle part, a textured high bun, and a short buzz cut. These Hairstyles can be used on the character and also look good with hats and other head accessories.

Fab Hairstyles by Harriet

The Fab ACNL Hairstyles by Harreitt pack adds seven new hairstyles to the game. These include an elegant above-the-ear cut, a touseled style, different layers, bangs, and a cute bob. Each of these hairstyles can be worn in the game to create unique looks.

Harriet’s hairstyles can be obtained using the Nook Miles that are earned in the game. These Miles can be redeemed at the Nook Stop ATM in the game’s shop. Once purchased, the new design will appear on your character’s customisation screen the next time you visit the Mirror.

Once you unlock all seven of Harriet’s Hairstyles, you can use them on Harv’s island. Depending on your personal preferences, you can change your hairstyle whenever you wish. However, you can only use these hairstyles if you fully fund a single shop on Harv’s island.

In addition to these hairstyles, there are new character hairstyles available. These include the Top 4 Fab Hairstyles. To unlock these, you must first collect 100,000 Bells. Once you have the required amount, you will see the new shop on Harv’s Island. You can also unlock the free haircuts by donating Bells to Harriet’s shop. These haircuts will be added to your hairstyle inventory.