Hairstyles For Black Teens

Hairstyles for black teens provide many options, from an elegant Afro to an intricate braided Mohawk. All are sure to turn heads and be noticed! This modern take on braids or dreads is easy to keep looking neat – all it requires is some durag-based and curl control products to maintain.

Box Braids

Box braids are an excellent protective style for black hair. Not only are they stylish yet protective styles that offer beachy vibes, but they protect natural locks from exposure to the elements that could cause harm – keeping them moisturized and healthy longer! Introduce some color into your look with triangle box braids! Easy and low maintenance required. This knotless style would make an exquisite graduation hairstyle for black girls and can be achieved using all-natural or top-quality extension hair.

Faux Locs

Faux locs are an innovative protective hairstyle that gives the appearance of dreadlocks without the effort required to maintain them. They’re accommodating on thick natural hair that’s difficult to manage and unruly. Create an eye-catching style by weaving kanekalon faux locs with contrasting colors, such as this style with black strands transitioning to milky blonde ones at the front for an eye-catching dichromatic effect.

High Ponytail

Black girls can sport an adorable ponytail featuring an attractive braided design for casual events and easy upkeep. This hairstyle makes an impression! If you want something different, why try a braided Mohawk hairstyle? To achieve this look, divide the left side of your head into tiny sections and braid these upwards for maximum volume. Additionally, extensions can also be added for increased thickness of braids.

Afro Puff

Afro puffs are an easy and engaging way to show off your natural kinks and coils, especially if combined with cornrows and curly side tendrils for added drama and dimension. Add cornrows for even greater depth