Cute Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you have a little princess in your life, a cute hairstyle is an easy and unique way to make her feel extra special. Try this bohemian braided style; it works on all lengths or textures of hair. Donning two Dutch braids pulled into a bubble pony is adorable and effortless! Plus, this style makes an excellent way to upgrade a regular half-up/half-down pigtail look!

Updos for Short Hair

An attractive updo doesn’t require thick locks – even short strands can look stunning when carefully styled and highlighted with various textures. This adorable hairstyle showcases this idea beautifully by pairing crown twist braids with a compact, low bun for an updo that would pair perfectly with any formal attire. When a ponytail or simple bun feels too casual, try this easy and romantic updo instead. Sweep wavy or curly hair to one side before gathering it into a double-Dutch braid at the nape; pin in place when done and leave loose tendrils as an elegant feminine detail. Do your pixie haircut a spectacular transformation with this cute hairstyle! This double-Dutch braid offers a modern take on a classic French twist and will look stunning with any dress for special events or to show off earrings or scarves you love.

Pigtail Buns

This charming hairstyle for long hair looks effortlessly cool and effortless, featuring two cute buns on either side of the head that can be braided or left unbraided for a more casual feel. This style opens up your neckline beautifully, making this an excellent option for the summer months! To add volume and style to this adorable girl’s hairstyle, try teasing your locks and using hairspray as well as bobby pins to secure buns. It will certainly turn heads! Add drama to this cute pigtail hairstyle by spraying some black hair spray color over the buns, finishing the look off with an adorable Minnie Mouse-esque bow on one bun! This feminine style is ideal for day trips with friends or for romantic date nights. Additionally, this style can even work as part of formal wear ensembles!


If your daughter has long hair, make her more presentable by creating adorable braids and buns to decorate it with cute styles such as flower braids or bow buns. These darling styles will surely turn heads! For added style you could also attempt creating a hair rosette–but note this is more complex style that may need the support of professional stylists. One innovative idea is using bubble braids as a fun way to spice up their regular half up/half down pigtail look. These cute, ice queen hairstyles are great for school events or birthday parties for girls! Are your daughter has long hair or short, these stylish yet effortless styles will help her feel confident and beautiful. Ideal for any event – such as going shopping, attending a party or visiting friends – these stylish yet effortless hairdos will look amazing on her and be easy to put into practice!


A cute summer hairstyle can help keep your cool. By showing off your natural beauty while protecting it from heat and humidity damage, this look showcases your natural charm while making you more glamorous – choose between various styles depending on your hair type and desired style! A messy ponytail is the ideal summer style, providing a relaxed yet formal appearance that can be worn to casual events and dinner with friends. Additionally, this style gives curlers the opportunity to showcase their natural texture. This hairstyle looks like something Gigi Hadid would wear. Simply separate a large chunk from each side and use elastic bands to tie them at one-inch intervals with elastic bands, then pull your front bangs through them before secure them with claw clips for a romantic and flirty touch.