Brussels Griffon Short Hair

Griffons make loving pets. They follow their owner from room to room and become their constant companion.


Brussels Griffons come with either smooth or rough coats. They require regular brushing, especially during shedding season, and nail trims. Their large eyes give them an almost human-like expression, and their distinctive fringed beard adds a comical character.


Brussels Griffons are small dogs with prominent personalities. They are playful and affectionate but won’t tolerate rough play or harsh handling. They require owners who can devote plenty of attention and provide close companionship.


This distinctive breed may experience serious health issues, including complications during gestation, skeletal problems, heart murmurs, cataracts, and eye disease. Reputable breeders follow responsible breeding practices and screen for potential problems before breeding the pups.


Brussels Griffons with smooth coats typically don’t shed too heavily, yet still need regular brushing and occasional baths. Rough-coated breeds should be hand-stripped every few years while also having their nails regularly trimmed.


The Brussels Griffon is a small dog with a medium-length, dense coat. They can have rough or smooth varieties and come in different colors, including red, black, red and brown (belge), or solid black. Their small ears may be left natural or cropped, while their big eyes give an almost human-like quality.

Small Dogs with Big Personalities

Small dogs like Brussels Griffons pack prominent personalities into their 5-to-15-pound bodies. They are initially shy around strangers but quickly adjust with enough time and attention. Apartment living makes this breed especially suitable, and they make excellent watchdogs!

Grooming Needs

Rough-coated Brussels Griffons require moderate grooming needs, including frequent baths and brushings. Their distinctive beards need to be regularly trimmed either by a professional or their owner. Regular nail clipping and weight management should also be discussed with a veterinarian.

Grooming Tips

Griffons require regular brushing and baths. Rough-coated varieties may require coat stripping once or twice annually. Beard trimming should also occur occasionally, along with regular nail clipping. Beards should be kept well-groomed around the eyes to maintain optimal eyesight.

Health Concerns

Brussels Griffons may experience breathing issues in hot or humid weather and occasionally snore, as with other flat-faced breeds. They are particularly prone to dental disease, so start brushing their teeth as puppies and consult your veterinarian for regular professional dental cleanings. Early and consistent training using positive reinforcement methods and socialization from an early age are recommended.

Exercise and Activity

Brussels Griffons make great indoor dogs but require daily physical activity to stay happy and healthy. Their small size makes them ideal for apartment living, and they still enjoy walks and playing fetch games with their owners. Weekly brushing may also be required depending on their coat type.

Hypoallergenic Considerations

The wire-coated Brussels Griffon is considered hypoallergenic, while the Petit Brabancon tends to shed more. However, no breed is completely hypoallergenic, as all species produce skin dander that may trigger allergic symptoms in some people.