Elegant Braided Hairstyles

There are countless stylish ways to style braids. From large jumbo braids to an adorable crown braid updo, there are countless stylish braided hairstyles sure to bring admiring glances and genuine smiles from onlookers.

Fishtail Braid

Enhance your everyday hairstyle with a fishtail braid! This romantic and bohemian touch will catch everyone’s eye!

Start this style off right by taking a small section (about the size of a pencil) from one half section and crossing it over into the opposite side, tucking under its predecessor strand as you do so.

Add volume and make styling easier by spraying dry shampoo or texture powder over your strands before styling, suggests Mannino. Doing this will add volume while making them easier to hold and manipulate, she notes.

Braided Bun

If you want a cute and elegant hair idea for outdoor events, the braided bun is the ideal look. Celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen has worked with Ciara and Zendaya and suggests using texturizing powder or dry shampoo to add more texture to the braids before trying this style.

Gently pull apart your braid plaits to widen them, which will create more volume in your braids and an eye-catching bolder effect. While blue looks beautiful in this hairstyle, any color can work.

Give this hairstyle a try on date night for an elegant and distinctive look.

Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail is an adorable and sophisticated style, suitable for formal events as well as everyday chic style. Perfect for keeping hair away from your face and emphasizing your features, this style looks fantastic on any hair texture or length.

Make your braided ponytail even more eye-catching by adding micro-cornrows to the hairline and bottom of it for an eye-catching finish. Play around with different color cornrows to show your creativity with this elegant braided hairstyle!

Four-Strand Braid

A beautiful fairy-like style, this four-strand braid looks particularly elegant when worn with an open romantic dress. Braiding it is fairly easy; simply separate your hair into four sections and weave each of them with each other to start braiding!

Assemble your strands by labeling each with numbers (1 on the left hand, 2 in the center, 3 on the right). Now move strand 2 over strand 1 and under strand 3.

Bring strand 3 over and under strand 2, repeating this pattern until all your locks have been styled into this look. Although this style requires some practice and precision, the end results make it well worth your while!

French Braids

French braids are a timeless, classic style that suit any hair length. They look wonderful either alone or paired with a middle part; both styles will draw attention to your face while creating more symmetry in appearance.

Add hair accessories into your braids for an eye-catching and stylish appearance, such as beads or cuffs or colored string. Or wear a hair bandana as an eye-catching piece that protects from friction, frizz, and heat damage!

Braids can transform you from glamorous and feminine to edgy and cool depending on their tightness and color (such as an ombre hue). Try adding highlights for added sophistication.

Braided Updo

For an effortless yet feminine look, a braided updo may be just what’s needed to soften and soften any face shape. Plus, its height and texture make this style great for bridesmaids or casual wedding day ensembles!

If you want a sexy and sophisticated look, try creating a bombshell top knot with wavy and curly braids for a feminine and sophisticated touch. Add heart-shaped designs or springy wisps around your face for added sweetness!

Another excellent option is butterfly braids – easier than other African braiding styles, they allow you to create voluminous side buns!