50s Hairstyles Women Loved

Women of the 1950s often completed their looks with a wide ribbon tied in a bow; scarves and headbands were also popular accessories.

The Horsetail Hairstyle

In the 1950s, teens often sported what was then known as a horsetail: an elegant yet straightforward hairstyle worn high with softly rolled edges and worn high on their heads. Teenagers especially favored this look which they would pair with wide poodle skirts and matching hair bows for maximum effect.

Poodle Curly Bob

Poodle curls were an increasingly fashionable style during the ’50s as women embraced femininity and glamour. These playful, cute hairstyles were often combined with side-swept bangs to highlight one’s face; similarly, stacked bobs were ideal for women wearing glasses. For a no-hassle approach, classic gray bobs can create timeless chic looks when enhanced with caramel highlights to emphasize layers and create more flattering results. Women over 50 often choose a wavy blonde bob, which adds volume and can help conceal forehead wrinkles. Or you could opt for long locks with brow-length bangs as an elegant style that works well with any shade of blonde; Katy Perry famously rocks this classic look! It pairs easily with any dress or headband for an ideal 1950s aesthetic!

Soft Bob Hairstyle

Soft bob hairstyles are ideal for middle-aged women looking to steer clear of a too-tight pixie cut. The style features a layered cut with feathered ends that skim the shoulders; however, bangs may also be added for an aesthetic edge. Best suited for medium-thick hair, blonde highlights should help this style remain fresh. Grey pepper bobs are popular among women over 50 because they allow them to embrace natural gray without going entirely platinum or dark brown. This blend looks lovely on virtually every woman and can easily be colored to suit your skin tone.

Bettie Bangs

Bettie Page made her hairstyle famous by popularizing it; the pin-up style features long straight bangs swept back off of the face for a seductive appearance that was popular with counterculture Beat girls and Rebel women of America. Additionally, this hairstyle works well when applied rockabilly style. This look was the forerunner to modern beehive styles and required hours of backcombing and hairspray application to maintain. It gained widespread popularity throughout the ’50s and is still worn today by celebrities like Zoey Deutch.

Deep Side Part Hairstyles

Deep-side part hairstyles were popular during the ’50s as an ideal style for young women who loved wearing hats; Grace Kelly and Betty Draper of Mad Men were known to sport this look. Black hair looks lovely with this cut as it helps accentuate strong jawlines and cheekbones; slicked-back ponytails with wide bandanas or chiffon scarves can add elegance.


Women over 50 can quickly adapt to this dynamic era of style with a shoulder-length blonde feathered bob style featuring short “peek-a-boo” bangs that help conceal forehead wrinkles while providing an ageless frame to their faces. Add silver-white highlights for an updated look with natural gray tones. Women with chin-length hair can efficiently channel the 1950s in an elegant yet playful manner with goddess braids and a low bun, adding vintage flair with an ornamental headscarf or sparkly headscarf for added vintage charm. Additionally, this look works wonderfully well to blend grays with light warm brown shades!