How to Achieve Smokey Blue hair

Smokey blue is one of the most trendy colors of the decade. Teenagers and adult women alike enjoy making over their looks with this gorgeous shade. Updating their hair color can help them showcase their personality and creativity, and this shade is no exception. To achieve the look, simply follow these tips. Once you have decided on the shade, the next step is to choose a shampoo and conditioner that will match your hair type and tone.

Shades of blue hair


The smoky blue hair color trend has become very popular in the last decade, and is a favorite among both girls and adults alike. Girls can update their looks with this trend, and women of all skin tones can enjoy it, too. It’s an easy way to add a creative twist to your hair. But what hair color should you use? Read on to find out! This hair color is best suited for medium-light to dark-brown hair.


A deep shade of blue can be a more dramatic choice, but it’s much easier to pull off, thanks to the gray undertones. This shade can look flattering and is an interesting way to express yourself. There are a lot of different shades of blue hair, and if you’re unsure of which one to go for, use a screen shot or a color chart to show your colorist.


To get a deep, inky base, choose a shade of smokey blue. These shades are ideal for chilly winter nights. If you’re a blonde who’s worn out lighteners for a while, a darker shade is a great break. Deposit-only hair color formulas are another great option to add depth and shine. In addition to a deep blue hair color, smokey blue is also great for blondes who’ve been fading from their lighter shades.

How to care for blue hair


For a stylish makeover, go for a smokey blue hair color! This trendy color is one of the most popular shades of the decade and has become very popular with both girls and grown women. Adding a little pop of color to your hair is an excellent way to update your image and show off your creative side! Smoky blue hair can be maintained by using a variety of salon-quality hair products.


Blue color is known to have many meanings. It has many meanings, and is often used by psychologists to release tension, tune in to a person’s personality, and distract from problems. These functions are all similar to the effects of smokey blue hair dye, with only a slight difference. Unlike other colors of the extreme spectrum, it is both bright and soothing, and looks unique and beautiful. There are many ways to care for smokey blue hair, including highlighting it every couple of weeks.