4c Natural Hair – How to Moisturize 4c Natural Hair

Like all curly hair types, 4c curls tend to be dry. Their locks may weaken and snap off easily without adequate moisturization, leading to split ends and breakage.

Moisturize 4c strands using a deep conditioning treatment during your wash day routine.

Deep conditioners that offer rich formulas with essential nourishing ingredients are best.


Pre-poo treatments involve applying hair oils, conditioners, or other moisturizing formulas directly to the hair before shampooing it.

They lubricate individual strands to help avoid tangles and knots while simplifying detangling.

They also clarify your scalp by clearing away product build-up that could impede its ability to do its work effectively.

Strongly suggest using a combination of coconut, avocado, and castor oils for creating your pre-poo mix. These will give your hair the essential moisture from heat, humidity, wind, and salty water.

Before applying a pre-poo, section off four to six teams with soft finger detangle to avoid knots before evenly coating each paragraph with your chosen pre-poo product and leaving to sit for at least 30 minutes (ideally overnight).


4c natural hair no longer falls under the category of being “difficult to work with.”

If you have 4c natural hair, you must utilize a co-wash free of sulfates to cleanse it properly to maintain moisture balance and ensure detangling is possible.

Apply it using the pads of your fingers – friction helps break up knotted locks and aid detangling processes! Rinse thoroughly afterward before deep conditioning with essential fatty acid-rich treatments like Japanese sake extract, argan oil, or jojoba ester oil-packed hair masks to seal in moisture – then rinse well to seal in moisture.


Moisturizer is one of the critical components to keeping 4c hair moisturized.

Because kinky texture may struggle with holding onto moisture, you must use a product explicitly tailored to kinky locks and avoid those containing an abundance of oil as they could build up and cause build-up in your locks.

Moisturizing with LOC is effective, consisting of leaving in conditioner as your liquid, followed by oil and cream as sealants.

Furthermore, try steaming your hair after applying any moisturizing product to ensure its benefits reach every hair shaft and are fully absorbed into its structure.

Another option for keeping your locks hydrated is using a weekly hair mask, like Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk, to detangle and give your locks an ideal, healthy shine.

Agave infusion helps decrease shrinkage while increasing sheen and eliminating frizz from both scalp and strands, leading to healthier locks with reduced shrinkage, boosted sheen, and lessened frizz levels.


Undoubtedly, 4c hair stands out with its distinctive appearance and feel.

Its dense, kinky texture is stunning and offers many styling possibilities. Yet, this hair type can also be dry and susceptible to breakage, making maintaining length more challenging than other textures.

Hair moisturization is essential, but regular trimming to remove split ends should also be prioritized.

Otherwise, these split ends could become dry tangles or fairy knots, challenging to manage and potentially causing irreparable damage.

If your hair is healthy and maintained in good condition without dry tangles or fairy knots, it may take less time before needing another trim.

As this varies for each individual, be sure to pay attention to what your locks require – this could involve changing your routine, wearing protective styles, or occasionally using protein treatments as necessary.