Dope Hairstyles For All Occasions

Dope Beauty Salon in Newton offers an array of beauty services, with their team comprised of hair enthusiasts devoted to making every appointment enjoyable for their customers.

Guys looking for an extra dope look should opt for a high fade and razored side parts, building height and softly combing their quiff using hair gel. Completing their face with a short beard and stubble mustache will also complete it!

Sexy Fades

Hair is more than just part of an outfit for many brothas; it is an extension of their personal style and should always look crisp and clean. A faded haircut can add extra style and flair to your look!

One of the most striking fade styles is a high taper fade. This style creates an eye-catching contrast between short sides and longer top sections; additionally, it pairs nicely with techniques such as fauxhawk or other texturized cuts.

Brooklyn fades are an ideal style choice for guys with beards, featuring a fade that features a line-up and a long top section that can be styled into pompadours and other shapes.

Messy Quiffs

A messy quiff is an ideal style choice for those who want to achieve style without exerting too much effort. Reminiscent of wind-blown locks, it exudes defiance while showing your independent side. Furthermore, this look works for any occasion, from casual weekend hangouts to formal events.

Attaining this look requires using a high-hold styling aid like gel or wax; spray through your locks and smooth back any flyaway strands with your hands. Now, finish off the look with a light misting of strong-hold hairspray to finish the job! For added shine and dimension, consider purchasing hairspray with added gloss – or add an optional beard to complete it all!


Braids are one of the most versatile hairstyles, able to transform a look in multiple ways without taking up too much of your time on styling your tresses. An excellent option for making an impressive statement with their look without spending hours perfecting their locks, braids can create instantaneous impact without too much work on styling them!

Here, we witness an elegant half-up style featuring long and sleek box braids in an eye-catching caramel blonde shade, adding beauty and grace.

If you’re searching for ways to add color and flair to your braids, take inspiration from Insecure actor Yvonne Orji and add some vivid hues. She paired dark brown and blonde extensions with jet-black box braids for an eye-catching summery shade that looked gorgeous! An effective way to add vibrancy and style to your braids is by adding face-framing highlights – this chic and fashionable look will turn heads!

Curly Coils

Curls and coils in natural hair are like those extraordinary nonidentical twins you admired at school; while they may look similar, each ring or lock has its own personality.

Curly and coily hair requires constant moisture from root to tip for its optimal condition, and using products without sulfates will prevent your locks from feeling dry and crunchy.

Curly hair can be divided into three categories: 3A, 3B, and 4A-4B. Type 3A features loose corkscrew-shaped ringlets, while 3B features tighter coils reminiscent of chopstick coils. In contrast, type 4A features defined, dense locks that can be formed into zigzags or Z patterns when styled using leave-in conditioners like Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Nourishing