Hairstyles For All Natural Textures

Dope hair is an innovative Black haircare and styling line Iasia Smith created that caters to natural textures. Made of moisture-retention products with Shea Butter and Olive Oil for optimal moisture retention and vitamin/mineral combinations to promote healthier locks, this line also contains vitamin supplements to support growth.

Straight Haircut

This elegant straight haircut exudes sophistication and adds chic symmetry to any look. Perfect for women with either medium thick or thin straight hair, ensure your locks are thoroughly blow-dried before rocking this style!

Long, straight hair makes an eye-catching statement in styles such as curtain bangs, Viking braids, and half-up dos. Add texture with layers or products for extra volume!

Undercut Haircut

The undercut haircut enjoyed a brief revival during the late 1980s and 1990s among mod subcultures and British Invasion bands but faced criticism when seen on members of street crime gangs such as Salford Scuttlers and Glasgow Neds.

Styled undercuts for women are bold and daring fashion statements that never diminish femininity. Additionally, they’re great for controlling thick locks or helping create an androgynous aesthetic.

Spiky Haircut

Spiked hairstyles can add some excitement and volume to thin locks. To try this style, give yourself a fade and use some quality wax to form a tall quiff.

This stylish spiky haircut looks relaxed and casual – ideal for any event! Easy to achieve using the appropriate pomade, this look works with formal and informal attire.

Mexican Haircut

The Mexican hairstyle is exciting and appeals to men of all ages. Bold yet vivacious, women often love its striking appearance. Combining elements from the Edgar cut fringe with taper fade, this distinct hairstyle creates a defined impression; additional quiffs may also add some style.

Ask your barber to add Mexican styling if you have a bowl-cut haircut. Your fringe will remain long while the sides remain short; use pomade to style and finish the hair!

Blonde Haircut

This gorgeous blonde hairstyle can give you an elegant appearance while remaining easy to maintain simply by tying it into a neat bun.

This style is perfect for women with long and straight hair. It looks stunning when worn with formal gowns or dresses for night events and parties, and is also great for casual college wear.

Fade Haircut

The fade haircut is a trendy modern classic. This low and tight style leaves some hair on top so that it can be styled however you see fit, making it especially suitable for those with finer locks.

If you need help determining what style to request from your barber, show them a photo to help them better understand. Zero fade and skin fade are two famous examples of this look.

Side Part Haircut

Men’s side part hairstyles are timeless classics that can both hide a broad forehead and add some edge to a traditional haircut. It pairs exceptionally well when combined with low or mid-skin fade haircuts and makes a statement at work or casual events.

To pull this off successfully, use matte pomade or gel and comb your locks onto one side for optimal results. A classic tight side part can create the ideal foundation for a pompadour or quiff style, especially on dark or bright-colored locks that capture everyone’s eye in a room.