Clipper Hair Lengths – 5 Guard hair Lengths

If communicating to our barbers or stylists the exact haircut we desired was as straightforward as selecting an option from a menu, we would all have perfect heads of hair. Unfortunately, guard numbers and pictures must do double duty to communicate your desired look to stylists.

Number 5

The number five clipper guard is the longest length in our range of clipper hair lengths, leaving 5/8 of an inch (or 16 mm). This provides a neat and tidy appearance suitable for casual as well as formal wear. This length is often chosen when seeking to achieve a taper fade effect, often in conjunction with number six length for tapers along the sides and neckline. The 5 haircut can also be worn by men looking for something other than a buzz cut or fade. This versatile cut can be styled in many different ways to suit varying hair textures and densities; additionally, it can be combined with different guard sizes to create different looks.

Number 6

The number six haircut is an ideal solution if you prefer something between a buzz cut and skin fade. Using this clipper guard size will leave around 5/8” or 16mm of hair that’s easy to style, giving a clean and neat appearance. Furthermore, this length makes a good option if tapering is desired without going for a full skin fade since more line hairs will remain than with 2/0 haircuts but less than with 3/1 haircuts. These tools can be used both on the sides to achieve an Ivy League look and on top for a classic crew cut style.

Number 7

This length is ideal for creating a precise and neat crew cut while leaving no excess of your scalp exposed. Additionally, it works great when combined with smaller guard sizes like 3. The number seven is an omen that conveys spiritual wisdom and understanding that there is more to life than meets the eye. With this understanding comes an insatiable curiosity towards their surroundings, eager to gather as much practical and spiritual knowledge they can from life itself – this has them asking lots of questions about it all while looking for answers.

Number 8

The number 8 is the longest standard clipper haircut length. It provides men who prefer less frequent trims or want longer styles such as faux hawks with plenty of hair for styling options. Men who enjoy experimenting with hair products and styles that require more than a buzz cut will also find this style suitable. This length is often applied to the back and sides of the head while guard combs are used on top to create fades for a sleek and professional appearance. This cut can also be combined with 7 for an eye-catching thick, voluminous crew cut look.