Edgar Haircut Design – 4 Guards and 5 Spikes

A number four guard is perfect for those who are seeking a conservative haircut. This guard leaves enough hair on the scalp for styling and parting. The number four style is also great for those with a round face. This is a great style because it leaves more hair on the scalp, which makes the face appear thinner. A number five guard is also suitable for those who would like to add short spikes to their style.

A number five guard is an ideal choice for cutting a guy’s hair in order to create a clean, conservative look. While the hair on top of the head is left longer than the sides, this guard leaves the proper amount of hair on the scalp. It is also appropriate for men with round faces. The extra hair on the scalp helps a man’s face appear thinner and more slender. Despite its length, this guard is available on most clippers.

Curly Boys Model – 5 Guard Hair Length


The number 5 guard has a slightly shorter hair length than the number four, but it is still considered medium. This guard is great for those who want a short buzz cut. The hair grows flat and lies flat at this length. The length can also be requested by size of the guard. For instance, if you want to make your sideburns shorter, you can request a smaller number of guards. However, if you’d like a longer buzz cut, you can request a larger number of guards.