Women Hair Cuts 2020

Women’s haircuts 2020 can help refresh and revitalize your appearance. You can switch up your look from day to day by choosing different hues and textures. Try opting for a bold collarbone bob with face-framing bangs for an effortless yet striking haircut. This trendy hairstyle will give your appearance an instantly updated look without taking too much time to style it.

Blunt Bob

The classic blunt bob haircut is an enduring and versatile style that works on nearly every individual. It complements different face shapes and hair types and can easily be updated with new cuts or color accents to keep up with current fashion. A short blunt bob with a natural fade is an effective way to highlight your gorgeous blonde locks while softening and rejuvenating your features. Furthermore, this stylish hairdo allows you to personalize it further with full highlights and lowlight combinations for an eye-catching finish. Are you searching for an innovative way to style your blunt bob? Consider adding an unexpected purple fade! Purple is one of today’s hottest hair colors and will add dimension and character to this classic haircut.

Shattered Bob

While bobs may sometimes look outdated, adding texture is an effective way of modernizing their appearance. In this choppy bob, pieces are intentionally broken to achieve a texturized finish that frames the face perfectly while balancing out its short length. A shattered bob is an ideal style choice for those with fine hair. Its stepped, chopped texture creates the appearance of density without overburdening the style. Hairstylist Riawna recommends adding volume with UNITE Beach Spray as a product that may add dimension. This irresistibly cute blunt-cut bob is the perfect solution for women seeking a more playful, youthful style. Perfect for casual parties and events alike. Add hair highlights for added dimension!


A shag haircut emphasizes your natural texture and volume for a feminine style, perfect for pairing with long, feathery peek-a-boo bangs to soften the tone. If your straight locks are boxy in texture, ask your stylist to flip out ends to create a vintage-inspired shag with vintage appeal. Women with straight or fine hair who desire a wavy shag with bangs can benefit from wearing this cut with bangs for added accentuation, a round face shape, and draw attention to their eyes. You could even pair the style with a deep side part for an alternative take. If your face is square or diamond-shaped, try opting for a medium shag with layers highlighting your forehead with face-framing layers and layers of taming tresses with light layering choppy style hairdos. Add subtle golden highlights for extra impactful contrast against your complexion.

Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are an excellent way to achieve a sharp and chic style. Their tapered sides allow for multiple styling options, and when coupled with texturizing or layering techniques, your little tresses will become unimaginably lively! The feathering approach can be the perfect solution to thin locks, combined with light texturizing on the ends of your pixie cut to achieve a full and textured style. Add color for added flare! Marion Cotillard usually rocks curly locks, but this pixie cut makes her even more beautiful and seductive. The short pixie perfectly suits her oval face, drawing your attention towards her eyes and eyelashes. Additionally, its light blonde color complements her skin tone perfectly and completes her stunning appearance.

Long hair

Women with long hair may benefit from trying a U-cut as an elegant hairstyle option. This cut highlights the thickness of each strand while adding dimension to the face and providing dimension-giving layers to wear casually or formally. A U-cut will flatter all facial structures. This style looks beautiful with long, wavy, or straight hair and features a layer cut at the front that extends chin-grazingly into its folds, offering face-framing side or center parts and framing on any round face shape. Perfect!

Another classic long hairstyle is the bob with flipped layers, which adds dimension and texture to your locks. This cut suits all face shapes but works exceptionally well on those with heart-shaped and oval features.