Hairstyles For Natural Curly Hair

Tousled Curls

– Braiding your hair overnight and unbraiding it in the morning creates beachy waves.

– Lengthen your curly locks with a pineapple plop or a slicked-back ponytail.

– Try a taper fade, or a sleek layered bob with caramel balayage highlights for a polished look.


– The shag hairstyle features long bottom layers with short, wispy bangs.

– Add curls to your shag cut for a cute and whimsical look.

– Consider a middle part for added balance to your face.

Two-Tone Curls

– Two-tone curls create stunning two-tone effects.

– Choose colors close to your natural shade for a bold contrast.

– Balayage and ombre techniques can also give your style a stylish glow.

Loose Waves

– Create a deep side part and add hairspray for structure and definition.

– Allow your curls to cool completely to achieve effortless beachy waves.

– Avoid brushing to prevent frizz and use lightweight mousse for hold.

Middle Parting

– The middle part is an elegant and classic style.

– It works best on long, straight hair with layers.

– Suitable for round or diamond-shaped face shapes.

Layered Bob

– Layered bobs add volume and movement to curly hair.

– Prevents coarse geometric triangle shapes.

– Try a chin-length bob with shaggy layers and side-swept fringe.

Spiral Curls

– Use a spiral curling iron and high-quality hair products for effortless spiral curls.

– Avoid brushing and use lightweight mousse for hold.

– Tease your crown for volume and lift.


– Highlights add dimension and brightness to curly locks.

– Requires maintenance for frequent touch-up sessions.

– Communicate with your stylist about desired results.

– Lowlights can darken roots and add depth to hair color.