Women’s Hairstyles

Women’s hairstyles can make or break an ensemble. From adding color and texture to simple straight looks, there’s sure to be something suitable for every taste in women’s haircuts. Are you in the market for a new summer look? Explore these fashionable women’s haircuts! Ask your stylist for a textured crop or airy layers that lighten thick manes.

Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are ideal for women with thin hair who wish to create an effortless yet chic style with them. Long-face shapes may benefit from adding heavier bangs to balance out this asymmetrical pixie cut. For an elegant style, try styling a pixie with finely chopped layers and adding texture for interest. Your new fairy will be ready for any event you may be attending!


A bob is ideal for women seeking an eye-catching yet timeless style, perfect for accentuating cheekbones. A steeply angled stacked bob can even add rock’n’roll appeal, depending on its color! Curtain bangs go great with any bob style, making adding them to any look easy. This chic long bob with dramatic balayage shows how one haircut can have such an incredibly impactful statement. Medium-length layered bobs can create an effortless, slightly unruly style that’s simple to manage and look great with any ensemble. They make up the ideal look for everyday wear!

Short Side-Swept Bangs

If you like the idea of fringe but want to avoid committing fully, try short side-swept bangs as an easy alternative. They make your face appear framed while remaining low maintenance compared to full-fringed styles. Shoulder-length hair with side bangs can create an elegant, feminine style statement that’s simple to style however you wish. Nicole Richie makes this trend happen with her voluminous layered cut featuring eye-grazing bangs; it perfectly frames her beautiful features. Long, wavy side bangs add a chic beach aesthetic to any hairstyle, such as Kyra Sedgwick’s gorgeous blonde locks with soft waves at either end, which she wears parted straight in the center to show off her stunning cheekbones.

Long Layers

Long-layered haircuts are great options for women with long thick locks who want to add volume while adding texture and shape. Request that your stylist create face-framing layers with shorter ends near the cheekbones to frame your face and enhance its features, perfect for oval-shaped faces. This layered hairstyle may even help strengthen its shape! Wavy girls can add an intimate element to this look by opting for soft ombre highlighting, giving their locks a sun-kissed glow.


No matter the thickness or thinness of your locks, a side-swept undercut adds a classic yet distinctive style to any short haircut. Perfect for girls wanting to show their rebellious side through short haircuts! An elegant, feminine look requires a shaved nape design and platinum blonde shade. Add copper highlights for added dimension! Femininity isn’t one-dimensional – it is multifaceted! With its classic fade and rebellious section, this fairy displays both aspects of femininity in an eye-catching style.

Finger Waves

Finger waves are an elegant hairstyle. Easy to style for short hair, they make you look regal while being simple enough for beginners. A popular technique used at cosmetology schools worldwide. Perfect for special events like Halloween or Great Gatsby-themed parties. Start with a rat-tail comb and deep side part, pulling back an inch-wide section of hair from its natural position at the crown and combing between the middle finger and index finger to shape a ridge between them. Hold that ridge in place as you continue to comb down through to its ends on both sides of your head – then repeat on both sides!