Cutting hair With Wahl Clippers

Wahl clippers are versatile tools suitable for professionals and individuals looking to save money by cutting their hair. Professional barbers often choose Wahl clippers for creating intricate styles and precise cut lines due to their powerful motors.

Setting up a Clean Work Area

Preparing a clean work area is essential to start cutting hair with Wahl clippers. Before starting, gather all the necessary items, including a cape and Wahl clippers.

Robust Performance of Wahl Clippers

Wahl clippers have gained popularity among barbers and stylists for their outstanding performance and affordable prices. They offer an impressive range of corded and cordless models for all haircuts. For example, The Wahl Rapid Clip is lightweight, and compact, and provides 120 minutes of cordless run time, making it ideal for fades and regular cuts. The clippers come with a thumb-adjustable taper lever and 12 durable attachment combs that securely clip on using stainless steel attachments.

Quality Blades and Motors

Wahl clippers are highly regarded worldwide due to their quality blades and motors. The Wahl Professional Magic Clip, favored by professional barber Julien Howard, is easy to hold and offers a strong cutting performance. The steel blades remain sharp for more extended and can be easily resharpened or reassembled. The motors are designed to provide enough power to cut through any hair type effortlessly.

Ease of Use and Safety Features

Wahl clippers are designed with ease of use in mind and feature color-coded guards for convenience. While there may be a learning curve, Wahl models simplify the process. Choose a model that suits your specific needs. Safety is also a priority, with various hair clips and accessories available to accommodate multiple hairstyles. Beginners should opt for models with color-coded guards to ensure comfortable and painless haircutting. Care should be taken not to cut too close, and regularly lubricating the clippers ensures optimal performance.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Regularly cleaning and sanitizing your clippers is essential to prevent the buildup of hair and debris on the blades. This practice is critical when using the clippers on others or in a professional setting like a barbershop. Rubbing alcohol or white vinegar are effective disinfecting solutions. Rubbing alcohol at concentrations greater than 60% kills germs and helps remove accumulated grime on the blades. White vinegar is an affordable and effective home solution for cleaning Wahl clippers. Additionally, Wahl offers a spray that cools, disinfects, and lubricates the blades instantly before cutting another person’s hair, emphasizing cleanliness, safety, and hygiene.