Top 5 Winter 2020 Hairstyles

Brigitte Bardot Tendril Style

Brigitte Bardot, the ’90s supermodel, popularized this classic tendril style. It’s perfect for colder climates and reduces the need for excessive hair washing and blow-drying. Pair it with a high, sleek ponytail for a retro-chic vibe, and flip up the ends.

Half-Up Half-Down

A versatile hairstyle for any occasion, from casual to formal events. You can keep it simple or add flair with braiding or a headband. Take inspiration from Gabrielle Union, who rocks this winter 2020 trend with box braids styled in a half-up, half-down fashion.

Pinned Back Curls

An easy option for curlier or wavy locks is to pin them back, similar to Ari in The Little Mermaid. This flattering style suits different face shapes and hair textures.

Braided Knots

Effortless and chic, braided knots are a great winter hairstyle. Divide your locks into two layers, braid each into a tiny knot, and secure them. You can either leave them down or tie them into a bun. This style works well on thicker hair types.

Chin-Grazing Pixie Crop

For those who don’t prefer bob haircuts, the chin-grazing pixie crop is a trendy alternative for winter 2020. Celebrities like Camila Morrone are sporting soft, face-hugging bangs with this style.

Flipped Up Ends

An easier option than a sleek bob, a low ponytail still offers a polished look without the hassle of tangles under winter coats or hats. Enhance its appeal with an eye-catching bow or scrunchie. This style works for various hair lengths with face-framing layers.

Red-Brown Hair

hair plays a significant role in a woman’s fashion sense. Choose a style that complements your personality and body type for a signature look. This season’s fall and winter trends include low-maintenance cuts, colors, and styles. Consider a copper red hue, blending brown and red tones for a bold new look. Style it with a middle part flow for maximum impact.


Weave a scarf through your locks for a winter twist on braided hairstyles. This works well with low ponytails or can be incorporated into French or fishtail braids. Alternatively, tie a colorful scarf around your head for a Bohemian-inspired look. You can also wrap a scarf around a messy bun for an easy and casual style that keeps your hair out of your face while remaining fashionable and sophisticated.