Winter 2020 Hairstyles

Winter has arrived, and now is the time to put away those slip dresses in favor of sweaters and scarves. Make the most of this chilly weather by sporting an updated hairstyle that keeps you both stylish and warm.

Sleek Ponytails with Mussy Tendrils

Winter trends favor sleek ponytails; try opting for one with mussy tendrils for something different.

Asymmetrical Bob

This asymmetrical bob has one side with a longer taper that’s expected to become the go-to winter 2020 hairstyle. It boasts a modern vibe and can easily be upgraded with color block or shadow roots for an updated look.

A stocked asymmetrical bob is an ideal cut for women with thin strands, as it adds volume without needing to use styling products. Furthermore, its side bangs can be styled forward to frame the face perfectly.

Actress Chelsea Kane epitomizes cute and choppy perfection in her baby asymmetrical bob style, perfectly capturing its pretty yet choppy essence. This look allows your sexy long bangs to stand out while showing off a side swoop, making this style genuinely outstanding. For an added dash of drama, add an eye-catching hair accessory behind your ears to complete the look – an irresistibly fashionable style to wear no matter what. Any woman looking her best should take advantage of this playful yet sophisticated style.

Middle Part Flow

Winter is an ideal opportunity to makeover your look, from growing out your locks for fall to adding some flair in preparation for spring – we have ideas to give your locks a brand new style!

No matter your hair length, a middle part is expected to become the go-to winter 2020 haircut. According to Pouted online magazine, this style is both bouncy and effortless yet chic; plus, it will make for easier maintenance throughout winter as it doesn’t need blow drying or straightening!

For those with longer locks, add face-framing tendrils or more voluminous bangs, like Jameela Jamil’s, to your look. This quick and easy change will keep you feeling relaxed and stylish all season – remember to invest in a high-quality comb and use styling products for optimal results!

Textured Spike

From bedazzled baby hairs a la Gabrielle Union and Lupita Nyong’o to Sophia Roe-esque bangs, face-framing layers are a surefire way to stand out in winter. From face-framing layers like Gabrielle Union’s bedazzled baby hairs to Sophia Roe’s ultra francaise bangs, face-framing layers are making a statement this season! Whether cutting off that shaggy length you no longer want, growing out your lob, or simply enjoying an upgrade with new layers that stand out in Trader Joe’s line, one of these blossoming styles will meet you halfway.

To achieve the look, begin with clean, damp hair and carefully untangle any knots or tangles using a comb or brush. Next, lightly run gel or wax through your strands for soft spikes without over-applying the product – too much might leave your locks looking greasy instead of polished and sleek.

This style is ideal for men with widow’s peaks looking to hide their receding hairline while looking more stylish and formal than other spiky options on this list.

Big Side Part

Winter is an excellent opportunity to experiment with daring new hairstyles that will stand out against the gray skies. A bold side part can do just that by drawing attention to your face while adding flair. Pair this look with an everyday scrunchie or bow for an easy yet sophisticated winter style.

Asymmetric bobs have made an impactful statement this fall and into winter. If you aren’t quite ready to commit fully, consider trying the middle-part flow instead – often called the “tendril” hairstyle – which requires only small braids on either side and some texturizing spray for texture.

The 90s have made a comeback, and one of this season’s hottest styles is the deep side part pixie cut. Not only is this look stylish and ultra-feminine; it’s perfect for showing off wide eyes and sharp cheekbones!