Easy-AF Beach Waves For Curly Hair

Influencer Kristin Ess has a heat-free solution to achieve beautiful beach waves. Start with damp hair, apply a light-hold moisturizing product, and pin six to eight tight twisted bantu knots before sleeping. When you wake up, unravel the knots for natural-looking curls. If you want more texture, consider getting a beach wave perm at a salon, using Olaplex hair treatment to protect your strands.

For effortless and natural loose waves, try this hair hack. Section and twist each strand around a fabric belt from your bathrobe, leaving them overnight before untying in the morning. Use a light-hold hairspray like Bumble Bumble Surf Infusion to keep your waves hydrated. If you want long-lasting curls, go for a salon hair perm with giant rods.

Naturally textured hair can achieve beach waves with twists. Start with a sulfate-free shampoo, apply a leave-in conditioner or lightweight mousse, and air-drying. Divide your hair into sections, secure each with a silk scrunchie or headband, and twist the strands away from your scalp. Use Monoi Sacred Strengthening Serum to maintain sexy and texturized beach waves.

Braiding your hair is another method to achieve beach wave styling. Separate your locks into sections, divide each into smaller segments, and twist and pass each strand over another before securing with a scrunchie. Air dry your hair for a springy texture, and maintain the style with hairspray.

Apply a light-hold styling cream for natural-looking beach waves and section your hair into two. Flat twist each section into French rope twists, pinning them together before untwisting in the morning. Use volumizing product spray and sea salt spray for extra texture. Apply a heat protectant before styling to avoid crunchy ends.