What Is Wig Tape?

Wig tape is an easy, natural solution for securely fastening hair systems or wigs to your scalp. Apply and remove, as required.

Easy to Apply and Remove

Wig tape can be purchased in rolls or as precut strips and is medical grade, so it should not cause an adverse skin reaction.

Preparation before Applying Wig Tape

Before applying wig tape, ensure the area you plan to apply is clean. Use cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol or Q-tips with alcohol-soaked cotton tips to help clear away debris that could interfere with the adhesive. Cut tape strips to cover any parts of your scalp where you want to secure your hairpieces or extensions.

Secure and Gentle on the scalp

Wig tape is a reliable solution that will secure your hairpiece for days or weeks, depending on which kind you select. Furthermore, this material won’t harm thin or damaged hairlines as its adhesive won’t hurt their natural scalps.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When using wig tape, the area on which you plan to stick it must remain clean. This will ensure it firmly attaches to both skin and hair without damage, and to achieve this aim, you may use an alcohol-based cotton wool pad dipped into an alcohol solution to wipe over it all. Wig tape offers another advantage by being easy to remove and clean up after use, unlike glue adhesives which may leave a sticky residue that irritates your scalp or even causes allergic reactions.

Versatility and Natural Appearance

Wig tapes are also lighter and less likely to damage your hairline, making them ideal for delicate hairlines such as those found in human hair lace front wigs or other alternative types of hairpieces. Simple to mount and provide a natural appearance – they can even be used to secure ponytails and buns! Ultimately they remain virtually undetectable from an outside view.

Easy to Clean

Wig tape is easy to keep clean and maintain. To remove it, use a cotton ball dampened in alcohol-based adhesive remover, peel gently away from your hairline and scalp, and slowly peel back away until no adhesive residue remains on your skin or wig.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Wig tape offers another advantage for sensitive skin: its adhesive chemicals won’t irritate or inflame it like glue adhesives can.

Easy to Find

Wig tape is a medical-grade adhesive explicitly made for skin safety. With two adhesive sides that stick firmly to both your scalp and hairpiece, wig tape provides a secure hold. Convenient rolls and precut curved strips make this an easy solution to wardrobe malfunctions on the spot; unlike glue, it doesn’t contain as many chemicals and is suitable for sensitive skin conditions. Wig tape can be easily found at most beauty supply stores and is less costly and more practical than glue or wash-off glue. However, before applying it on your skin, it’s always wise to test its effects – particularly the residue left behind from Wig Tape that could irritate sensitive skin types. A microfiber towel should help remove leftover bits before showering with moisturizer afterward to moisturize skin before wearing a hairpiece again! For added assurance of holding its place, you could also try hair spray!