Make a Bold Fashion Statement With Burgundy 99j Hair Color

Burgundy hair color can be an engaging way to express yourself and make a bold fashion statement. It looks striking on light and dark skin tones and can be styled in various ways, especially when combined with a lace front human hair wig.

What is a 99j wig?

Burgundy hair color, or 99j, is the latest fashion trend that exudes classic, glamorous, and sensual appeal. You can purchase a burgundy lace front wig or closure wig from an established online wig store to try out this look.

How to Dye a Wig to 99j?

To dye a wig to 99j, you will need burgundy hair color and a 40-volume developer. Clip off some hair and apply the hair color liberally, making sure not to use the dye too close to any vulnerable parts like the lace that could cause damage.

Who is Suitable for 99j Wig?

Burgundy hair color, or 99j, is suitable for almost every skin tone and ideal for autumn/winter weather conditions. Its dramatic appeal stands out, making an impactful statement in any complexion and working well with any wig style.

How to Maintain a 99j Wig?

To keep your wig vibrant and full of life, moisturize it with a conditioner designed specifically for synthetic or human hair wigs. Regularly detangle and store the wig correctly to maintain its quality.

How to Dye Idle Human hair Wig to 99j?

If you want to change the color of your idle human hair wig to 99j, you can easily do it at home. Mix equal parts burgundy hair dye and volume 20 developer in a bowl, then apply it evenly throughout each section with a brush. Wear gloves and place plastic bags beneath you for added protection.

Where to Buy 99j Wig?

You can find 99j wigs available for purchase from various online stores. Some specialize in human hair wigs, while others offer synthetic or blended varieties. Consider your lifestyle and styling needs when selecting the right wig for you. SuperNova Hair is a recommended store that offers a wide selection of 99j wigs in various styles and lengths, along with accessories like wig caps, lashes, and storage bags.