How to Style Unkempt Hair

Untidy Ombre

– Subtle streaks of hair color accent the casually side-swept bangs of this messy bob.

– Tortoiseshell ombre hair color is back with an exciting new flair.

– Sam McMillan created an elegant balayage ombre using smaller sections and the lightener placed horizontally.

Untidy Chic

– Tyra Banks makes her ultra-messy hairdo look extraordinarily sexy and hot.

– Her casually tousled-to-the-side style exudes nonchalant chic.

– Tyra enhances this unruly touch further by using fresh nude makeup.

Untidy Messy

– Certain looks can be messy by nature, such as a casual ponytail or swoop of hair across your forehead.

– To create more intentional untidiness, try sweeping back off your shoulders or creating an unintentionally untidy pinup or beachy braid.

– Use products such as sea salt sprays or IGK Broken Dreams texture paste to add volume and lengthen the duration of this look.