What Is Balayage Hair Color?

According to top stylists, balayage highlights are ideal if you want natural-looking highlights that will stay in fashion. Plus, this style works on all hair types!

What is a balayage?

Balayage hair highlighting is a free-hand hair highlighting technique used to achieve soft, natural-looking gradations of color for a sunkissed girl-next-door aesthetic. It offers less damage than double-process highlights due to its less intensive application (which doesn’t saturate your head with bleach, potentially leading to uneven tones and brassiness).

How is a balayage done?

To achieve the balayage look, your colorist will carefully select which strands of hair need lightening – usually facial-framing sections and ends of your locks – before lightening them for a soft, natural-looking result that mimics several weeks’ worth of sunkissed waves. Color is applied directly onto each strand instead of being saturated through it, creating an even and uniform stroke of color while also helping prevent brassy tones from quickly developing in your hair.

What is the cost of a balayage?

Balayage is an exquisite highlighting technique that creates natural-looking sunkissed highlights without damaging or upkeep requirements. However, this can be more expensive as skilled hair colorists must perform it to get maximum effect. The cost of Balayage will depend on several factors, including salon, hair type, and desired results. Price could also depend on the length of treatment time the stylist spends, the use of high-quality products, etc.

What is the maintenance of a balayage?

With proper care, balayage highlights will last a long time. Being low-maintenance techniques, they will require fewer touch-up visits than traditional highlights would. Heat protection products are another effective tool for maintaining beautiful highlights. Adding a protective barrier around your locks helps prevent chlorine and salt from ruining their color-enhancing shine. hair oil can also help, particularly before visiting the beach or pool, where chlorine and salt water may discolor your locks. Avoid over-bleaching if your base color is dark or medium brown. To go blonder, ask your stylist for a lighter shade that blends nicely with your natural hue – darker hues can always be added later to maintain consistency in your look.