Top 5 Hairstyles For Boys in 2020

Hairstyles for boys can range from trendy to classic, complementing their faces and personality. They may choose easy-care haircuts with color or shaved designs to express themselves freely.

Taper Fade Hairstyle

Long-haired boys can opt for a taper fade hairstyle, which offers versatility and looks great regardless of length. This style is ideal for women looking to keep their long hair looking its best.

Undercut with a Hard Part

This hairstyle is perfect for boys who want a masculine aesthetic. It features a classic taper fade with a hard part, suitable for all face shapes and hair types. It can be styled by combing it back or sweeping it to one side using clay or hair gel.

Long hair with a Side Part

This timeless style works best with long hair and a side part. It can be paired with a high or low fade for added distinction, creating a relaxed and rugged look. The side part should be determined based on the direction of your cowlick.

Faux Hawk and hair Design

Faux hawks add boldness and sophistication to any look. They can be styled for special events or office settings without losing their sophisticated appearance. Long faux hawks pair perfectly with faded haircuts and work best on those with textured hair.

Short Textured Bangs

Short textured bangs are an on-trend style that showcases natural coils dapperly. This James Dean-inspired look is ideal for boys with medium or long hair. A low fade adds sophistication to this style.

Crew Cut

The classic and versatile crew cut is an elegant, practical, fashionable style. It works well for men with thin hair and is easy to maintain. Adding a side part and styling wax can create a professional yet casual impression.

Long Wavy hair with a Middle Part

This casual yet fashionable style accentuates natural curls and provides an illusion of balance for a receding hairline. Use light hair cream or pomade to maintain freshness. The middle part adds an eye-catching statement.

Mohawk with a Skin Fade

This stylish hairstyle combines a mohawk with short sides to create an easy-to-style and trendy look. Try a high bald fade with a hard part comb over for an appealing yet professional hairstyle.

Drop Fade with a Quiff

This trendy hairstyle features a taper fade and quiff. The long textured hair on top blends with a high fade and a side hard part, making it great for men with soft textures.

Spiky Hair

Spiky hairstyles for men are effortless with low maintenance requirements. A clean fade on the sides and long, textured spikes on top complete the look. Use quality wax to pull the longer pieces upward for a mohawk-style effect.