What’s a Bob Haircut?

Bobs offer endless styling possibilities; from stacked to textured to A-line cuts, the jaw-grazing cut provides unparalleled versatility. And it looks great on all hair textures – fine or thick! Below, check out some variations to help you decide what to ask for at your next salon appointment.


Asymmetrical long bobs are an impressive style that exudes confidence and audacity. Wavy hair works exceptionally well, as this look looks best with curl-enhancing products scrunched into it for an undone, air-dried style or straightened for more refined finishes. Earnshaw recommends experimenting with lengths to find what best complements your face shape and hair texture. For instance, one side might benefit from being shorter while the other longer (perhaps with an ear-length and chin-length distinction) to create an exciting contrast, or you might opt for shortening one side to create a rocker chic vibe by shaving down one side completely for a stimulating contrast effect.


Long bobs (lobs) are a versatile style that sits just below your collarbone and works for every face shape. You can create different looks using textures, such as choppy layers for an edgier vibe, or smooth out with straighteners for sleek results. To achieve a classic chin-grazing length, ask your stylist to cut your hair at an angle that echoes the contours of your jawline. This will help maintain balance between facial features and shoulders. Add movement with sea salt spray for a lived-in beachy style or dry texturizing spray to add texture as an added touch to your lob. Or take things further by curling your locks with a wand for a more bohemian vibe!


The classic bob is an all-over jaw-grazing cut without excessive texturizing or layers, perfect for those with finer locks or those wanting to achieve thicker-looking locks by creating the illusion of thickness. Add soft curtain bangs or loose, wavy locks for a feminine and trendy touch. To add an edgier twist to the classic bob, opt for a side-parted blunt cut shorter in the back and longer in front. Next, use balayage to add natural-looking highlights in cool and warm blonde hues; pastel pink and lavender highlights are particularly stunning on blonde bobs – they’re so chic and feminine while looking amazing regardless of length!


Though sleek bobs can be sophisticated and chic, adding some texture can give them more of a daring edge. Consider pairing your cut with platinum balayage highlights for soft yet subtle highlights that add visual texture. Curly or wavy bobs can look adorable when combined with subtle highlights in blonde hues; this will highlight their movement and texture and blend seamlessly. The classic bob haircut always stays in style. From lengths, volumes, and even edgy elements, endless variations will suit your face shape and hair texture.


Opt for the timeless one-length bob to achieve an elegant yet sophisticated style without compromising volume. This jaw-grazing cut can feature layers for added volume or remain completely blunt for a sleek and straight look. Curly hair can also benefit from a bob haircut that adds texture and volume, such as one featuring wavy layers that make styling with curling irons or simply your fingers easier. By adding some graduation to the front piece of your bob, a beautiful A-line shape can be achieved. This style works on all face shapes and pairs perfectly with side-swept bangs for an eye-catching finish.


A graduated bob is similar to an A-line haircut but has a different back finish. Also referred to as an “angled or pointed bob” or even just “stacked bob,” this chic yet modern hairstyle became immensely popular thanks to Victoria Beckham, leading many people to refer to this look as “Posh Pob.” This version of the bob is ideal for women with fine hair who wish to appear professional and stylish. Its length accentuates natural facial contours while its layered structure adds volume; additionally, it works well when worn with bangs for an eye-catching finish.