How to Style Edge Hair

Swooped Edges

Start styling your edges by applying a small amount of holding product and gently brushing down your hair before using a comb or tail comb to achieve the desired swooped or swirled effect. The gel may also be added for extra hold. Remember that while swooped edges may look adorable, too much manipulation could cause breakage, dryness, and even traction alopecia in extreme cases. Try to limit how often you style your edges and utilize protective techniques such as silk scarves or nourishing scalp treatments to minimize potential damage.

Designed Edges

Straightened edges are great for creating sleek ponytails or braids; however, designed edges offer more options. This versatile styling technique has become a mainstay among women with textured hair, adding something unique to their favorite looks. Maintaining healthy boundaries is vital to avoiding dryness and breakage, so look for an edge control product low in alcohol while rich in humectants like honey, glycerin, and babassu oil for the ultimate edge care routine. Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control features an efficient, lightweight formula that offers moisture and control! For a dramatic finish, try the 3-D edge styling technique. This involves using patterned gel to highlight baby hairs on both sides of your head to create volume and depth – something Josephine Baker made famous in the early 1900s; now popular among women looking to elevate natural or wigged-up styles with more polished styles.

Sculpted Edges

Laying edges requires art and science, yet many of us still struggle. While it can be tricky, there are tools and techniques out there that can help make the task simpler. For example, always use an edge brush tailored specifically for baby hairs when brushing your edges. Otherwise, this could damage those delicate wisps. A soft boar bristle brush works wonderfully for this task. Along with using the right tool, utilizing a gel that gives your style a firm hold is also important. Sabrina suggests Aunt Jackie’s Grapeseed gel, which features ingredients like basil and biotin that promote hair growth while adding dimension without looking flaky or stiff – perfect for women with short or medium-length hairstyles like finger waves or braided crowns!

Detailed Edges

Detail Edges Style can be an excellent way to highlight baby hairs. To do this, use the pointed end of a rat tail comb or pintail comb to create intricate designs on the edges and then set them into place using edge control techniques. With the detailed edge style, you can achieve a more defined look by sculpting your advantages with gel and a brush to give them more definition. Some even add rhinestones for extra shine! Just be careful that too much manipulation of your hairline causes it to thin over time! More hair product usage, such as gels or edge controls, may result in your scalp or forehead flaking. To avoid this, opt for products that do not flake, like Private Label Extensions’ Edge control, which promotes healthy hair growth without flaking off. It can be found at most beauty supply stores.