What Is 3A Hair?

3A curls tend to stay dry when playing with them, unlike 3B and 3C hair types, which may become difficult to detangle. However, 3As require sufficient moisture for their growth and development, as with other curly hair types. Your ideal product for 3A hair should be lightweight yet rich enough to tame and nourish its coils. Read on to learn what 3A hair is and how best to care for it!


Curly hair tends to be naturally dryer than straight or wavy locks due to its “S”-shaped curls blocking natural scalp oils from reaching all strands, leading to dryness, frizziness, and cracking at the ends. To combat this, only wash your locks a few times weekly without harsh sulfates, and avoid brushing. Instead, opt for detangling combs starting from the ends for detangle purposes if brushing fails. After cleansing on wash day (or reset day), use a lightweight mousse or anti-frizz serum to add curl definition without the weight of the gel. Scrunch your strands to set their shape throughout the day, and sleep with a silk pillowcase to protect from friction and tangling while you slumber.


3A hair requires extra moisture for its fine structure to avoid frizzing and puffing up in hot environments. Looking for lightweight products with plenty of hydration without adding excess weight is ideal. Detanglers with light moisturizers can be suitable for combating 3A hair’s tangles and frizz while leaving locks soft and manageable. Plus, this sulfate-free formula also serves as an excellent conditioning rinse! Heat protectant spray is essential for anyone with curly locks, as is regular combing to spread sebum throughout your locks and spread strands evenly. Also necessary are regular trims and avoiding long-term color or chemical treatments that could compromise their health.


Humidity measures the amount of water vapor present in the air. A higher humidity means more water vapor is present, thickening and magnifying the atmosphere. Humid weather also allows your hair to absorb moisture more readily while protecting its natural shine while preventing frizz and puffing up of curls. For 3A hair to remain hydrated and frizz-free, towel drying must be handled carefully. Instead of vigorously rubbing it dry, use a microfiber towel or soft cotton T-shirt to pat it dry gently.

Furthermore, ensure that leave-in conditioner is applied daily and deep conditioning at least twice weekly. Washing your hair too frequently will dry it out, so aim to do it every three or four days. Heavy gels and styling products may weigh down curls; use light hair serum or cream instead for more defined coils. It is also wise to avoid tight styles like cornrows or braids that pull at their roots.


As with any curly hair type, type 3A requires special consideration when styling it for optimal results. Avoid over-moisturization, which may weigh down curls; instead, opt for lightweight products that define and support coils without the crunchiness of gel. Mousse and anti-frizz serum can both do just that! Too frequently washing your hair can dry it out and damage its strands, so limit washes to once or twice every week at most. When it is time to shampoo, use a silk or satin pillowcase to avoid tangles.

Additionally, a bonnet or scarf is an excellent way of protecting it while sleeping. With practice and some help from us, your cascading, fairy-tale curls will surely turn heads in all the right ways! Be inspired by some of our favorite 3A hairstyles, such as space buns, low ponytails, and side-part braids with scarves! But keep this in mind: your beautiful locks require more than just products; proper hydration, nutrition, antioxidant-rich foods, and plenty of movement are critical components to achieving breathtaking waves!