How to Make Hair Wavy

1. Blow dry

No matter your hair type, you can try various methods and products to achieve wavy hair without using heat tools. Use a diffuser attachment when blow-drying your hair to enhance curl and reduce frizz to improve the ring and reduce frizz. You can also scrunch your locks to add natural beachy textures while styling. Experiment with different parting patterns, such as a zig-zag or deep side part, to create a dramatic effect.

2. Twist

A blow dryer with a diffuser attachment is an excellent tool for creating wavy locks. Gently scrunch your hair while blow drying to achieve a softer, more natural-looking style. Apply curl boosters or definers to damp hair and twist small sections tightly. Leave the twisted sections pinned until dry, then unthread them for beautiful, long-lasting waves. This technique works best for those with straight or slightly wavy hair.

3. Braid

Achieve effortless waves without heat styling by misting your hair with hairspray or using a curl-enhancing serum. Opt for a center or off-center parting to showcase your medium-length wavy hair, or create a casual beachy ponytail style. Consider a side-swept fringe or a full boho braid for longer wavy locks. You can also tuck the tips of your braid to create a well-defined appearance. This braiding technique works for both short and long wavy hair.

4. Twist again

Wavy hair looks great with any haircut, especially when worn short. Add texture by using a pre-styler and twisting your hair while blow-drying for an effortlessly beachy look. Longer hair can also embrace unruly waves, but use a volumizing conditioner to keep your locks full and hydrated. Add accessories like headbands or barrettes, create half-up ponytails, or opt for curtain bangs to frame your face and define your waves for a polished look.