What Haircut Suits Me?

Hair is one of the most striking aspects of your physical appearance and helps define your style while creating confidence and boosting self-esteem. However, not every haircut looks flattering on everyone; therefore, you must determine which type best fits you and your face shape and angles.

Step one should be to assess which cut best complements you.

Long Hair

Nothing adds extra character and flair to your look, like trying something different with your hairstyle. Finding one that suits and enhances your unique features, from long lengths to shorter cuts, is critical for finding a style you feel good in. Selecting a haircut explicitly tailored to your face shape is possible with just a few easy steps.

Step one involves identifying your facial structure. After doing that, step two involves gathering inspirational photos of celebrities who share your facial structure to decide what style will look best on you and discover techniques that compliment your hair texture to further narrow down options.

Short Hair

Hair is one of the primary factors that define an individual’s physical appearance, often adding depth and dimension to their look by emphasizing facial structures and the most attractive features. While not every haircut suits everyone, finding one that complements you best is critical to looking your best!

No matter your taste or personality, there is sure to be an ideal style and cut out there that fits you, like Michelle Williams’ short pixie crop or more voluminous style such as the shaggy bob. To add texture and depth to a short haircut, ask your stylist about adding interior layers or even a skillet like Saweetie wears! A classic chin-length bob suits most face shapes and hair textures and looks great with bangs or without. Use TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo to keep strands free from frizz for an ultra-smooth and polished finish.

Medium Hair

Medium hair provides you with plenty of styling opportunities. From taking style cues from B’town divas to finding the perfect cut for your face shape, countless flattering cuts and styles are available to you that can suit every personality and hair texture. You must determine your face shape to find your ideal haircut; to do this, tie your hair back in front of a mirror while drawing around its circumference with lipstick or marker pen – this will give an idea of your facial structure, which you can then discuss with your stylist when discussing cuts that best suit you.

Heart-shaped faces look best with side-swept bobs with soft layers, while long wavy hair and curtain bangs suit oval faces best. Meanwhile, sleek ponytails with volume along the sides work wonders on diamond faces to highlight their strong cheekbones. Whatever style you decide, TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner are guaranteed to ensure healthy locks at their absolute best!

Medium Length Haircuts

Selecting the appropriate haircut for your hair texture and face shape is critical. Your stylist can assist in helping you choose a cut that will best complement your style.

Opt for a straight shoulder-length bob that falls just below your shoulders and hits your collarbone area for a sleeker appearance. This timeless haircut flatters all face shapes and hair textures alike and looks beautiful whether straightened out, curled up, wavy, or curled up; texturizing gel can even add volume for additional style options!

Alternatively, for women with naturally wavy or textured locks who wish to experiment with shorter cuts while maintaining long locks, try opting for a shaggy medium-length lob that works beautifully with natural waves or your curling iron. It frames round faces perfectly while looking fantastic, with middle parts as an additional feature to balance out face shape. A shaggy medium-length lob is also an excellent way to frame round faces – choose an optional central part to balance out its roundness! It is also a perfect choice if you wish to maintain long locks while also wanting shorter cuts – try layer loveliness with bangs to add playful texture to this mid-length haircut!