100+ Trendy Wedding Hairstyles for Girls

Braids are an elegant choice for wedding hairstyles. They also work well with a tousled finish. You can achieve this look with a comb, an iron, pins, elastics, and Hairspray. Adding texture to the hairstyle is also a must.

Braids are a beautiful option for a wedding

Braids are a classic, versatile wedding Hairstyle. Braids can be worn on the crown of the head or left loose for a romantic feel. Brides can choose from traditional French braids or more modern variations. This type of wedding hairstyle can be complemented with a flower crown.

For a more elaborate look, try adding two braids in the front and one on the back. These can be layered horizontally or vertically, or even on top of each other. Braids are also versatile enough to work on a range of Hair textures.

If you’re planning to wear your hair down on your wedding day, braids will enhance your look. Braids also look beautiful with soft curls. Braids are a great way to dress up your hair, and are an excellent choice for boho or rustic weddings, which focus on nature and simplicity. Braids can be enhanced with beautiful bridal headpieces and other accessories, such as pearl earrings.

Braids are a classic bridal Hairstyle that will never go out of style. The perfect choice for brides with long, medium or short hair, braids will look elegant and romantic no matter what the occasion. Braids are versatile and can work on a variety of Hair textures, including long, short, and pixie cuts.


Fingerwaves as a wedding hairstyle is an elegant yet carefree look that can be achieved with minimal styling products. It works for women with long or short hair. In addition, it’s simple to maintain and is great for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Fingerwaves are also very easy to create. To make your finger waves larger, you can use a large barrel curling iron. You can also add loose waves to braids.

This wedding hairstyle is perfect for African brides who have long, natural Hair. It creates a romantic, sparkling look. You can add a bright headband to complete the look. If you have long hair, consider a low bun that’s braided into a crown.

If you want to add volume to short hair, fingerwaves can be a beautiful choice. The waves can be worn down the middle or side. If you have long hair, you can also wear it in a half-up style with a hair clip in the center. This wedding hairstyle works well with all types of hair and is also perfect for weddings outdoors. Practice is essential to perfect the look.

Bouncy curls

Bouncy curls are a classic hairstyle that can suit a variety of faces. It can be created with a curling wand or a loose braid. You can add a hairband or wear a veil to give your hair more character. This hairstyle is simple to do and can look elegant with a headpiece or a flower crown.

If you’re wearing a veil, a loose and voluminous updo is a lovely way to display your hair. A voluminous updo looks gorgeous, and can be worn high or low. Or, for a more casual look, a messy bun is the perfect option. To add extra volume, you can also use a volumizing product like Aveda Volumizing Hair Tonic.

If you want to go for a low ponytail, a ringlet or bun is an easy way to add a beautiful side-parting and bouncy curls to your wedding hairstyle. You can also twist the ends to guide the style. If you are planning to wear your hair loose, you can use a defrizzing gel to prevent it from frizzing.

Bouncy curls also look great with cascading veils or flower crowns. These hairstyles also look good with boho hairstyles. If your wedding is in the fall or summer, a pinned updo is the perfect complement. You can use a medium-hold finishing mist for your wedding day.

Pinned-to-the-side styles

A pinned-to-the-side hairstyle is an elegant way to draw attention to a bride’s face and features. A low-lying up-do is another option for brides who don’t want to be bothered with their hairstyle. The messy French roll, while simple, looks elegant when paired with an embellished gown.

Another option is a side-swept hairstyle, which can be worn even if you have short hair. To achieve this look, make a deep side part and pin one side behind the ear. This ‘do is a wonderful mix of boho and glam and is a versatile choice for any wedding. The side-swept ‘do can be easily paired with a loose fishtail braid, which adds a touch of natural elegance.

This style is a great choice for brides with shorter hair. Medium-length hair can be pulled back into an elegant updo, while shoulder-length hair looks best in a medium-length style. Medium-length hair can also be tucked or pinned. Loose roots can be added for extra height. Adding a jeweled pin will help make the look more sophisticated and elegant. Another option for brides with medium-length hair is a braided bun. This style will show off highlights and will work well with many brides’ personality types.

If you’d like to wear your hair long, you can pin curls to add some volume to your tresses. A small to medium barreled iron can help you create cascading curls. You can also use hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place.

Glamour waves

Glamour waves are the ultimate bridal hairstyle. The perfect balance of retro and modern, this style can look as though it was straight out of the 1960s or the most recent wedding event. A middle part and big, soft waves give this look a classic yet modern touch. Whether you’re a bride with naturally wavy hair or one with a more voluminous look, the perfect wedding hairstyle will compliment your style and add a little sexy flair to your special day.

The first step in getting glam waves for wedding hairstyles is to prep your hair. You can use a curling iron or wand, a styling cream, and some flexible hold hairspray. For the final step, use a clip or pin to hold the curls in place.

Glamour waves can be a simple wavy style with a side part, or you can opt for a sleek middle part and teasing in the crown for extra drama. A statement headband can be worn over the waves to add a modern touch. A bold lip color and statement earrings will help complete the look.

Tucked front pieces

A wedding hairstyle that features a tucked front piece is a great way to show off a bride’s gorgeous face. This look is very versatile, and the tucked front pieces can be used in many different ways, from a classic updo to a bohemian braid. Tucked front pieces are particularly great for brides with thin, fine hair, as they won’t weigh them down.

This bridal hairstyle will work perfectly with a lacey wedding dress. Brides with strapless dresses should opt for a more updo. If the bride is wearing a flowing gown, she may want to go for a messy fishtail braid. On the other hand, a bride who’s getting married at a stately home or barn will look lovely with a princess-worthy updo.

Another option for wedding hairstyles with a tucked front piece is a simple bun. It can be paired with a veil or even worn with a sheer veil. Either way, this hairstyle looks romantic and effortless.

Easy Wedding Hairstyles

One of the easiest wedding hairstyles is thick, luxurious waves. To create these, use a barrel brush or blow dryer to create a lot of volume in the crown of your head. You can then curl the hair with a curling iron to tame any flyaways and define the curl pattern. You can also add hair extensions to give your locks even more volume.

Simple wedding hairstyles

One of the easiest wedding hairstyles to create is the simple, straightened look. You can add a little twist or hair brooch to make the look more interesting. This style is appropriate for all hair lengths and textures. If your hair has less volume, you may want to use a round brush to add fullness to the crown.

You can also add hair jewelry like Jennifer Behr, which is also an easy way to dress up any hairstyle. This hair jewelry was worn by Aviva Perea. The jewelry adds subtle details that will complement the bride’s natural texture. Another example is the elegant hair vine worn by Bob and Page in their simple wedding hairstyle.

Another popular simple wedding hairstyle is the romantic bun. This bridal hairstyle will be the perfect fit for the romantic bride. To create this look, make loose curls on the top of the head, then make a section at the top of the back and twist it. Then, cross a section of hair from both sides over the center, pin it in place and tuck it into a loop. Repeat until all the hair is in place.

Messy buns

Messy buns are a traditional and versatile wedding hairstyle. They are a go-to for the bride who wants a laid-back and natural look. They can be worn down or up and never go out of style. This style is suitable for almost any hair type and length and can be easily adapted to suit any bride’s particular features. This style is a chic and effortless choice that is sure to turn heads.

To create this wedding hairstyle, first brush your hair and separate it into sections. You can also use different curlers for this look. Next, secure the section that is above the hair tie with bobby pins. You can also curl your hair in the middle to create a puff detail. Then, braid or tuck the front parts of your hair into the gap. The last step is to gently pull out a section to achieve the messy finish.

If you have a messy bun, you have the option to make it polished by using a style spray. You can also add face-framing tendrils and use a hairspray to create a fuller ponytail.


Brides with long hair can opt for braids or twists to create a stunning, romantic look. However, braids are also an excellent choice for brides with medium to short hair. Moreover, these styles are very versatile and can fit any wedding theme. However, you may have a harder time finding the right braid style for your hair length.

Braids have been a symbol of femininity for centuries. They are timeless and versatile and you can add flowers or other accessories to give your hair an extra touch. However, if you’re unsure of what style to go for, there are many resources on the internet.

Side braids are a popular wedding hairstyle. They can be tight or loose and highlight your open back and shoulders. They also look great with a flower crown.

Pinned-up curls

Pinned-up curls for weddings are a classic hairstyle that will make any wedding look stunning. They are perfect for bohemian, garden, and beach weddings. The slightly messy look is also appropriate for a wedding with a romantic theme.

The hairstyle is versatile and can be worn with all hair types, including those with short locks. A loose braid will help separate the bun from the rest of the head. Pinned-up curls are easy to create and can be a beautiful addition to your wedding day look.

This popular wedding hairstyle will compliment any wedding gown and complement most face shapes. To add a little extra oomph, try using a volumizing spray or a textured blowout on top. This will add volume to the curls and elongate your length. You can also add a cascading row of wavy, curled ends for a more dramatic look. Pinned-up curls are also a lovely option for short, sleek locks. You can add light waves sparingly to keep the style simple.

Pin curls can be created using two methods: the styling tool method and the pin curl method. The former method is more resilient and is popular among women. However, it requires extra attention to maintain the curls and prevent them from falling out.

Glossy curls

If you want to have gorgeous curls on your wedding day, you can go for a boho style with long, bouncy curls. This style looks stunning with a cascading veil and a flower crown. You can also go for a low woven chignon with a frothy veil that spills out over the coif.

You can also try a hairstyle with glossy curls, which look particularly beautiful with long hair. They are easy to achieve with a thin barrel curling iron, and you can do them yourself without hiring a professional. Another style for long hair is the high ponytail, which is a chic updo that will look fantastic with an elaborate wedding gown. If you don’t have a curling iron, you can add loose waves to your hair with hair serum.

A voluminous updo is also a good choice for curly hair. Curly brides should consider using VO5 Big Volume Mousse to create a look that will look glamorous the whole day.

Half-up, half-down hairstyles

Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles are an easy way to create a romantic and elegant look. The style mimics the natural draping of a bride’s hair. The looser half can easily come undone throughout the day, so a hairpin can help keep your locks in place.

The half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle is perfect for a bride who is not concerned with a big updo. This style can be embellished with a tiara and gold leaf hair pins. Alternatively, it can be worn loose for a tropical celebration.

Half-up, half-down hairstyle is a versatile choice that works for all kinds of wedding hair. Long hair lends itself to this style because it can be braided or tied. This hairstyle complements all hair types and is easy to achieve. Moreover, it can draw attention to your face and soften its features.

Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles are a great choice for brides with shoulder-length hair. They look great with loose waves and can be customized according to your hair texture and length. One of the more popular half-up styling options is the braided half-up hairstyle. Thin braids at the crown accent the loose curls.

Feathered hairstyles

Feathered hairstyles are easy to style. Whether you have a short or long tresses, you can achieve a chic look in minutes. These hairstyles also make the hair appear voluminous and add movement. The feathered look is a great option for women who want to look their best without having to spend hours on their hair.

Feathering hair is an easy way to add extra volume to thick locks. The feathers add texture and will not hang in your face. The feathers can also be combed flat for a sleek look. This style can also help to downplay the dressiness of a formal dress.

Feathered layered hairstyles can be worn on any face shape and can be easily paired with ethnic wear. Unlike the traditional feathered bob hairstyles, this hairstyle is best suited for women in their 20s or early 30s. They can also be used on women with thick hair and are great for any season.