Weave Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you have long hair and want to try something new, why not try this fantastic weave hairstyle? It features curly and straight extensions with stunning highlights in various hues like copper or daring blue. It makes a bold statement!

Asymmetrical Strands

Weave hairstyles offer an effortless way to transform your appearance without damaging your natural hair. You can experiment with lengths, textures, and colors, adding asymmetrical strands for an eye-catching finish. Numerous weave choices are available to meet every personality, from classic bob cuts to curly styles.

Very Long Hair

Those with very long hair have many stylish options to choose from. Straight and sleek is always a good choice, while more intricate looks may include side-swept bangs with orange highlights. Another option is using a full weave with lace frontal, creating the appearance of natural hair without damaging it.

Weave Hairstyles for Black Women

Weave hairstyles for black women can come in any length or style with various textures and colors. One example is a beautiful burgundy ombre weave with lace frontal. Perfect for experimenting with different hues without bleaching the hair, it adds depth and dimension for added softness.

White and Black Zebra

Weave hairstyles can add color, texture, and length to your look while being highly versatile. An example is a stunning bob weave with layers, loose curls, and multiple shades of red. It creates dimension and vibrancy, contrasting nicely with a ponytail.

Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob is an excellent way to add zest to a classic bob haircut. It features one side longer than the other and looks fantastic on all face shapes and hair textures. It requires little maintenance and can be styled with bright-colored highlights for added interest.


Braids can be an excellent protective hairstyle that locks in moisture and promotes natural hair growth. They allow for volume by adding curly extensions or braiding your locks. They can be customized with beautiful accessories like beads or cuffs.


Ponytails are effortless yet stylish and perfect for any occasion. They can be paired with ombre hair, highlights, braids, or other accessories. Adding color can make the ponytail more fashionable and show off your style. Different ponytail styles suit different face shapes.

Heart-shaped faces should opt for a high ponytail to balance their forehead and add volume at the crown. Diamond-shaped faces can go for sleeker ponytails to accentuate their facial features.

Blake Lively is known for her messy ponytail style that suits all facial structures. To recreate her signature look, create loose waves with a curling iron and pull them back into a ponytail at the center of your head, securing them with a clip or pins.

Long and Wavy

hair extensions are an easy and quick way to add length and volume to your hair. They allow for plenty of styling options, whether you want a professional low ponytail with side parting and bangs or a more casual deep side parting with bangs. Adding highlights or lowlights can add color and depth to your weave. If you have naturally wavy hair, embracing its waves by sporting long weave hairstyles that emphasize them is a great option. A layered shag haircut can frame your face and add volume to your locks, suiting any face shape.