Cool and Feminine Wavy Shaggy Hairstyles

With its soft shape, blended layers, and defined asymmetric highlights, this curly, shaggy hairstyle creates an effortlessly chic finish. It is ideal for big afro hair textures as its volume-boosting qualities come through perfectly.

Split Dye

The shag haircut is highly adaptable and works beautifully with various color palettes. It works exceptionally well when combined with balayage highlights, which utilize gradual highlights to lighten your locks gradually and add dimension. However, bold colors like blue or purple also work wonderfully – just be sure to use professional dyeing rather than box coloring, which could damage your locks.

One effective way to add flair to a wavy shag haircut is with a split dye job, in which half your locks are dyed with bright hues while the rest remain natural. Hongjoong from ATEEZ had this look during their 2020 comeback tour, and fans went crazy! For best results when trying this look yourself, use color-safe shampoo and conditioner and a water temperature that does not reach icy low.

Two-Tone hair

Two-tone hair is an engaging and flirty option that offers endless color possibilities. Ranging from blonde and deep blue hues pink, and purple shades – two-tone is a fantastic way to show off your individuality while adding dimension to any haircut!

For a more straightforward approach, ask your stylist to add babylights on half of your head for a more subdued take on this trend. These fine color streaks create sun-kissed effects without needing constant root touch-ups.

Choose bolder by giving your locks an eye-catching two-tone style by coloring only the lower layers with one hue while leaving the top layers natural for an eye-catching and striking two-tone look. It will surely turn heads!

Orange Blonde

Orange hues add a fresh and feminine feel to a shaggy haircut, providing high contrast without looking overbearingly bright. Try an orange ombre style for something soft and subtle, or try coppery shades for warmth and brightness in your tresses.

Balance out your wavy, shaggy locks with beautiful balayage effects for an eye-catching, glamorous look. The artful blend of light colors will leave your locks looking healthy and sun-kissed, and ask your hairdresser to create this effect in your extended layered shag cut with fringe for an added feminine and glamorous touch. Choppy layers add texture while framing the face beautifully for an appealing aesthetic look.

Choppy Layers

Women looking to add texture to their hair may benefit from wearing a medium shag with choppy layers. Its easy care makes this style ideal for different face shapes and lengths of hair. Plus, you can wear it with either a fringe or side parting for ultimate versatility.

This hairstyle boasts subtle ’90s styling with its choppy layers that create an authentically retro aesthetic and are ideal for anyone who wishes to add volume. Its uneven strands also frame the face perfectly while helping balance out the head shape.

Pink color enhances this wavy, shaggy cut to highlight natural hair texture while drawing focus to its choppy layers. Feathered bangs help soften their appearance and make this style more feminine.

Middle Part

A middle part is an ideal way to elongate and draw attention to your eyes while framing it can soften more angular features.

Are you ready for something bolder? To add an eye-catching edge, why not experiment with two-tone hair? This trend combines dark base color with highlights in lighter tones, whether subtle (such as dyeing dips for an integrated look) or dramatic by contrasting roots and bangs.

Zooey Deschanel and Gigi Hadid favor this stylish mid-length shag haircut, which exudes effortless sexiness while looking youthful and modern. Additionally, this cut can work for all hair lengths and textures; straighter locks create a more uniform appearance, while curlier ones lend themselves more to softened layers that blend into this trendy cut.