5 Shaggy Hairstyles That Work With All Hair Textures and Face Shapes

Shaggy hairstyles work beautifully for all textures and face shapes, complementing full or piecey bangs to soften their look and frame your face, and being dressed up with highlights, streaks, or vibrant colored tips to complete the look.

Try a wavy, shaggy cut with curtain bangs for a sweet yet edgy style, like January Jones’ choppy lob. It shows just how adaptable this style can be!

Soft shag with feathered layers

Display your rock-n-roll side with this textured, extended, shaggy cut! The flipped-out bangs perfectly frame your face while its loose locks create volume in your locks.

This layered medium shag style works incredibly well on curly locks. Applying moisturizer can achieve a natural, texturized, and effortless style.

Thin hair textures can also benefit from this shaggy haircut, with its wavy and layered style ideal for casual or formal events.

Textured shag with curtain bangs

Not all shag haircuts need to be radical and out there; an everyday medium shag with curly-textured layers makes for a simple conversational style that works for most people.

Apply a curl-boosting styling mousse to damp hair and twist small sections as you create twists. Blow dry it and spray on some hairspray for added hold.

The Wolf Cut combines elements from both mullet and shag hairstyles for an attractive choppy style. Heavy curtain bangs and a central part complement its layer shoulder-length cut.

Textured shag with highlights

Fancy up your shag with texture layers and balayage highlights for an ultramodern style that suits women with medium-length hair, and looks fantastic across different skin tones.

Add texture to your twists for an all-day hold with TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray before blow-drying for an all-day textured look that lasts! Finally, complete the look with bold red highlights on a shag haircut!

Textured shag with textured bangs

A textured shag with layered bangs looks incredible on any face shape or hair length, featuring crimped curls and parted curtain bangs that draw attention to your eyes.

A stylist may use point-cutting to add layers throughout the hair to achieve this look. This textured shag works great at blending different textures and hues – add highlights for a dramatic flair!

Textured shag with choppy layers

To give yourself a unique and playful look, try a textured shag with choppy layers. This cut works for all face shapes and hair textures and lets you add color for a two-tone effect.

January Jones opts for a gentler take on this trend with shorter, wispy curtain bangs that frame her face and low-maintenance balayage highlights in her locks.

Textured shag with long layers

Long shags are an ideal style to achieve volume in curly or wavy hair, particularly when combined with curtain bangs to achieve an elegant and romantic appearance. Additionally, this shaggy cut works wonders for thin locks as its layers can add body and volume.

Try combining a textured shag with balayage highlights for added movement and color to your locks. This trendy and striking style is sure to turn heads!

Textured shag with a-line layers

Shag is an effective way to add texture and volume to any hair length, but particularly impressive on curly or wavy locks. The subtle texture softens facial features while layers give this cut its signature bounciness – giving a timeless, feminine look.

Courteney Cox’s stunning shag features light curtain bangs and caramel highlights; Alexa Chung has an effortlessly wavy lob with layers to complete her just-woken-up hairstyle!

Textured shag with asymmetric layers

Wavy shags work wonders with both curly and wavy locks, instantly amplifying volume while simultaneously defining pattern. Add dimension with curl-enhancing mousse or highlight roots for a fabulous just-woken-up look!

Spiky hair paired with a textured shag creates an edgy and rebellious image that suits women of all ages. Additionally, medium-length textured shags that reach shoulders feature side swept bangs which look stunning with this style.

Textured shag with asymmetric bangs

Shoulder-length wavy shags look beautiful when worn with straight hair and fringe. However, they also work beautifully for those with curly locks; ask your stylist to create a textured shag cut that highlights natural texture while creating volume movement.

Add color touches to your shag to amplify its beauty and bring out its best features. Try face-framing streaks for a classic 90s look, or unleash your inner punk rocker chick with bold shades!

Textured shag with asymmetrical layers

A shag haircut with choppy ends combines casual charm and rebellious vibes into one stylish package. Suitable for most hair types and can even be styled to meet formal occasion requirements.

Textured shags exude romance and femininity, with fullness at the crown and piecey wispy layers that frame your face. Plus, they add an edge when combined with blunt bangs!