5 Cool Hairstyles For Black Men

Black men can sport chic haircuts with curly textures as this rounded pompadour that meets a temple fade. A touch of texturizing paste can help define and shape this modern look.

Natural Twists with Line Up and Fade

Natural twists combined with a lineup and fade lend this style a rugged retro aesthetic. A talented barber must be trained in cutting these geometric lines precisely, so they stay crisp and sharp.

Afro Fade

The Afro Fade haircut is a versatile look for black men. The style combines a flat top afro with either a low or high fade to create an eye-catching and contemporary style. This hairstyle accentuates their masculine features, such as their cheekbones and jawline, making them look their best! Additionally, this cut pairs nicely with beards, lineups, or complex parts and other hair accessories to complete the look.

Skin Fade Hairstyles

Skin fade hairstyles for black men offer another great fade option, which blends the sides and back of the head with short or long locks on top. This look works well with any afro, mohawk, sponge twists, or dreadlocks style.

Low Taper Fade

A low taper fade is popular among black men with curly hair, starting just above the ears and gradually tapering down to fade at the neckline. This cut makes an impressionful statement in business settings or for men looking for an understated and professional appearance.

Box Braids

Box braids are an increasingly popular protective hairstyle among black men. Versatile, elegant, and easy to maintain, box braids offer endless styling possibilities; experiment with various colors, lengths, and styles (such as wearing your braids in a sleek ponytail or pull-back). Before installing knotted or knotless braids, it’s crucial to pre-treat them to prevent breakage during installation, according to Bridgette Hill, a colorist and certified trichologist. Scalp and protein treatments help avoid this possibility. Avoid products containing alcohol or sulfates, which can lead to dryness and frizz in your hair, opting instead for products that provide a shiny finish and promote healthy locks. Moisturize your braids every three weeks using spray or oil for vibrant and lustrous locks!

Short Afro Haircut

Men with curly or wavy locks look amazing in short afro hairstyles, accentuating their head’s shape while fitting perfectly with skin fade on either side. Plus, this effortless style requires little maintenance – add lineups, parts, or designs as desired on top! Be sure to apply moisturizing oils regularly and detangle with an afro pick or comb to keep it looking its best!

Frohawk Hairstyle

Another popular style option is the Frohawk hairstyle. This hairdo entails carefully styling tightly curled afro hair into an upward V-shape on the crown of your head, finishing off this sophisticated style with either low or high skin fade to complete its look. A well-groomed frohawk haircut will enhance facial features while adding class to your style.

Medium-Length Afro Haircut

Taper fades with high skin fades are among the top haircuts for black men with natural afro hair, offering numerous variations, designs, and styles depending on how long their top layer of locks may be. This style adds some length to your hair for an edgier appearance and pairs well with side parts and shaved lineups. This haircut can also work great if your black man has curly locks and wants to maintain shape and texture. Try this innovative twist When the straight buzz isn’t cutting it anymore. A creative haircut that enhances your afro and adds an eye-catching design element. Your barber should be able to skillfully cut it so that the twists remain even and neat.

Medium-Length Dreadlocks

Maintaining average-length hair with short dreadlocks creates a timeless and, stylish, easily maintained look. This haircut is an excellent choice for black men looking for a manageable yet trendy hairstyle while keeping their locs’ shape and style. This stylish hairstyle for blacks features a high skin fade that gives the appearance of thicker top layers of hair and a hook part to complete its unique appearance. Additionally, this hairstyle pairs nicely when worn alongside an unruly beard! As with other curly hairstyles, dreadlocks require regular maintenance to remain healthy and tang-free. Hydrating shampoo will be the key to keeping them frizz-free and preventing dryness or damage in the form of frizz or split ends.