Achieve a Cool; Lived-In Look With Waves in Your Hair

Use beautiful beach waves for an effortless look with any hair color. They make your locks appear worn in.

Introduce wave-enhancing spray or cream into your routine to encourage waves. A sea salt spray works exceptionally well – spritz it all over and then shape small sections by twisting or scrunching.


Acquiring an ideal haircut for waves is crucial. Your goal should be a haircut that keeps your locks healthy while still creating the desired style. Consult a barber or stylist with expertise with waves for the best results.

Your waves require special brushing. Your choice will depend on your hair texture, but all should feature natural bristles. Some experts advise starting with soft brushes before switching to medium and hard ones as your locks grow.

After getting your haircut for waves, you must comb through it at least four weeks post-cut to achieve more profound, more defined locks. Additionally, durags or do-rags should be worn to protect the style overnight.


Perms are permanent waves that give your hair shape memory and can make styling easier. Additionally, perms promote scalp health and may prevent damage caused by excessive heat styling products and services.

Perms may bring to mind memories of Jheri curl mullets from the 1980s and Carrie Bradshaw’s full, luxurious strands from Carrie Bradshaw; however, modern perms offer much more advanced solutions that accommodate every hair texture imaginable – beachy waves for casual looks or fuller curls that give volume -. Still, there is one out there that will work for you.

Body wave perms, known as demi waves, create natural-looking waves in less pronounced waves than their more prominent counterparts. To achieve this look, this form of perming uses foam flexi rods of various sizes for customized results, making this style ideal for anyone who prefers less-pronounced and voluminous waves. However, they require more maintenance, with touch-up sessions every few months to diffuse where natural hair grows back into place.

Chemical treatments

Chemical hair treatments have become essential to many women’s beauty appointments, whether for coloring, bleaching, rebonding, or straightening services. Chemical treatments are an effective way to add flair and dimension to any style – but understanding their side effects will allow you to choose and maintain looks explicitly tailored to your hair type.

Common side effects include damage to natural hair texture, dry and brittle strands, itchy scalp irritation, and chemical residue left behind on your scalp. If your scalp is particularly susceptible to irritation or sensitivity, a Scalp Base Protection device should be applied before any relaxer treatment.

Use deep conditioning treatments or moisture-boosting shampoo to keep your locks healthy and avoid heat damage with blow drying or curling iron use for optimal waves. If your locks don’t hold waves independently, try “wolfing,” growing out locks while regularly washing and brushing to encourage waves.


Bead waves are an effective way to add texture and volume to your hair, adding a glamorous finish that can boost confidence and sophistication. They make the ideal go-to style for special events such as proms or everyday office wear! This classic hairstyle can even make an excellent style statement for any occasion – from fancy night outs to standard office attire!

To achieve perfect waves, you must use the appropriate tools and products. Begin with a clarifying shampoo to cleanse any build-up or residue in your locks, followed by a moisturizing conditioner for healthy-looking locks that shine.

As soon as your hair has been washed, adding a nourishing hair butter or curl-enhancing mousse is a good idea for optimal hydration and protection against heat damage caused by hot styling tools. In addition, be sure to wear a durag or hair cap while creating waves.