5 Cool Long Hairstyles For Men

People often consider long hair too feminine for men; however, in today’s culture, it has become more acceptable and stylish to sport long locks with an aesthetic. Smoothing thick strands is made more accessible by creating a layered look, which maximizes natural volume. Add an extra touch with some pompadour flair using pomade or sea salt spray, for an additional soft pompadour effect.

Side Part

The side part is an iconic men’s hairstyle that has been popular for decades. Boasting its classic symmetry and sharply combed sides, this timeless hairstyle exudes elegance that can help you look your best. Additionally, this choice works particularly well on thin hair, as there will be no volume loss during styling. If you want something modern with this timeless cut, pair it with an undercut or beard for an eye-catching contemporary twist! If you have thick locks, use the side part technique to style a stylish pompadour that shows your unique style. All that is necessary for the long-lasting style is some strong hold product to maintain throughout the day. Another effective way to sport a side part is with a fade and disconnected crown, creating an eye-catching style that can span formal to casual settings depending on its styling. Perfect for men who want a polished yet simple appearance.

Center Part

A center part is an ideal way to give long hair some personality. This trending style is popular among men who wish to keep their look sleek and sophisticated, pairing well with other haircuts such as the quiff or mohawk fade. The quiff is another increasingly fashionable long hairstyle of 2021. Combining elements from older styles like flattop or pompadour with modern influences like the side or middle parting, the quiff offers easy wearability and significant visual impact. If you prefer something other than the scissor crop but still want short hair, consider opting for a mid or high fade. It will ensure a professional appearance with little maintenance required (just occasional light combing). A perfect look for men without enough time or commitment for side or center part cuts!


The surfer hairstyle is an effortless beach-inspired style perfect for any special event or casual setting. Often featuring long locks with waves or coils that can be worn loose or styled back using gel for a more structured quiff. Surfer hairstyles are great options for men with naturally wavy or curly locks, as they will bring out their natural wave pattern and enhance it further. When sporting this look, use shampoo and conditioner that help protect against dryness and breakage to ensure your mane stays in tip-top condition! A short on the, sides long on top haircut can be an elegant solution for men with surfer hair. This hairstyle’s formal cropped sides are great for business meetings or other professional settings. At the same time, its sun-bleached hair adds an authentic, cool-guy vibe – plus, this style can even be worn with a ponytail, man bun, or topknot to give maximum versatility!


Men looking for an easy and stylish low-maintenance haircut should consider the undercut an effective way to keep their locks healthy. This style works exceptionally well if you have a broad forehead or long face, as it helps shorten their profile while creating an eye-catching quiff effect with styling wax. For an eye-catching style, try the disconnected undercut style. It stands out thanks to a complex part that stands out against shaved sides and back of the head, making this cut perfect for men who wish to stand out amongst the crowd. A faded undercut makes an elegant statement for long hairstyles, drawing attention to the top of the head. To quickly achieve this look at home, tie or pin back any sections you wish to keep longer, then use trimmers to cut away excess-length branches.