Long Dark hair With Layers and Blue Anime Model

Long dark hair with layers conveys an air of casual carefreeness. The contrasting color and loose texture will turn your uniform look into a bohemian masterpiece. Whether you like that swept back or left to fall down, long layers will give you plenty of styling options. A layered style is low maintenance, so it’s a good choice for busy women who don’t have the time to spend on styling.

A Dramatic Makeover For Long Dark hair With Layers


A dramatic makeover for long, dark  is achievable with layers. The angles of the layers can keep the length while adding body. They can be styled into a chic ponytail and will improve the look of loose styles. Even though the style may seem drastic, it does not require extensive coloring or loss of length. Here are a few styling tips: First, always choose a style that flatters your features. A dramatic style is more dramatic than one with a lot of layers, so opt for the one that matches your features best.