How to Style Long Dark Hair With Layers

Long dark hair with layers is an elegant choice for all ladies. You can use soft layers or dramatic and voluminous locks to frame your face or add drama and volume. This style can also add thickness and volume to thin locks.

Nancy O’Dell’s Face-Framing Layered Cut

Nancy O’Dell has created an eye-catching face-framing layered cut with honey highlights. For added effect, try opting for a deep side part to highlight your layers.

Subtle Layers

If you want some texture or volume without going for a major chop, layered hair could be your solution. Layered hair allows you to style it into an appealing, lightweight style with movement and bounce. Remember to have regular trims to avoid strands growing out too quickly or becoming stringy and uneven!

Layered Styles for Different Face Shapes

Long dark hair with layers is advantageous for long dark hair as it offers many options to frame and emphasize your features. Layered styles suit heart-shaped faces, square or oval eyes, and round jawlines. Inverted layers create a fanning-out effect, while shorter face-framing layers can highlight cheekbones and jawlines.

Wavy Layers

Long wavy hair looks elegant and thin with long graded layers. Pairing it with side-swept or middle-parted long curtain bangs can perfectly frame your facial structure. Feathered chunky layers are another stylish option that creates movement and a flattering U-silhouette, especially with ash brown highlights for a natural color gradient.

Choppy Layers

Thick locks can benefit significantly from adding choppy layers as they add volume and texture. Styled with side-parted curtain bangs, choppy layers give long dark locks a 1960s vibe. Face-framing blended layers add depth and dimension to pin-straight hairstyles while cascading waterfall layers create a cascading effect that flatters heart, square, and oval faces.

V-Cut Layers

The V-shape cut is an eye-catching style choice for long dark hair with layers. It adds depth and dimension, framing your face for a fashionable appearance. This cut also reduces bulk while creating lighter yet fuller locks. For optimal results, pair this layered haircut with straight or wavy hair and consider a soft balayage color such as burgundy to add subtle depth and frame your face. Long curtain bangs can elevate this look further.

Small Waves

Layers can help achieve a sophisticated style by accentuating and intensifying your waves if you have long, wavy hair. Medium layers starting around the face and moving down towards the hairline can add dimension and texture to shoulder-length locks, especially if you have thick hair.

Katy Perry and Layers

Katy Perry is known for rocking layers in her hairstyles, whether short pixie or an edgy bob. Her layers give every outfit an instantly chic and modern aesthetic.