How to Style Very Short Natural Hairstyles

Natural hair strands are resilient and can be easily styled into many fashionable looks, including Solange Knowles’ iconic slicked-back style. Consider trying natural strands for an easy yet stylish look that requires minimal upkeep.

Spiky Hairstyle

Style your short strands differently by opting for a spiky hairstyle – particularly stunning against dark complexions! Spiked pixies offer another effective means of accentuating short locks.

Slicked-Down Look

Slick-back can be very elegant for short natural hairstyles. A small amount of product will suffice to tame flyaways, and let your face-framing curls shine through. Pair this style with either a center or sleek side part, and it will work with casual or formal ensembles.

Curly strands can look just as lovely slicked back as straight ones, as demonstrated by Yara Shahidi’s gorgeous curly ponytail styled in a slick back style. If you want something funky or playful to your smooth-back look, add color with an embellishment like a purple hair cuff or headband!

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut can be the perfect choice for naturalists seeking a change of pace from extensions or weaves, offering effortless style with minimal upkeep requirements and freeing you to focus on other aspects of life rather than tending to long locks.

Tapered Pixie Hairstyles

Tapered Pixie Hairstyles offer another beautiful solution for terse natural hairstyles. This elegant style features trimmed sides and bangs with loose, curly tendrils at the crown for a sophisticated appearance for formal events or dinner dates.

Spiked Pixie

A fairy with spikes is the ideal hairstyle for black women who wish to express themselves boldly and edgily. It combines short, textured layers that can be spiked up for an edgy punk look with vibrantly hued ends in red or orange for added flair. It looks fantastic on women with curly and straight locks alike and is extremely easy to style; slicing it back with a sleek, straightforward style or creating soft finger waves can add texture as desired. Like celebrity Michele Weaver, you can add drama to this look by using bold makeup and jewelry. A spiky pixie is an excellent option for black women with medium to thick corkscrew curls; its feminine style works well when combined with a deep side part, face-framing fringe, or layered bob. To achieve the desired style, you may require a flat iron or barrel curling tool for further definition and hold before finishing with spray for extra hold.

General Hairstyle Tip

Color can give short hair an exciting new look. To find something suitable, choose colors that complement your skin tone and natural curl pattern – subtle balayage can add depth and dimension to your curly locks; try this lovely combination of copper red and burgundy, for example! An elegant buzz cut can add some edge and make your facial features stand out, though it requires regular maintenance best. Consult with a stylist first if considering this style for your own hair. If you need an updated look, try switching it up with a half-cornrow braid. This protective style is excellent for naturalists looking for stylish yet effortless updos; pair yours with a chic headband to give it extra flare.