Very Short Natural Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles can be both fashionable and cost-effective – you don’t have to use costly relaxers or texturizers that may damage your locks! In addition, concise natural styles are healthier because you won’t require relaxers or texturizers that may harm the integrity of your locks.

Standout Styles for Very Short Natural Hair

Explore these standout styles for concise natural hair that will highlight the curls! They include finger waves, tapered afros, and mohawk pixies – sure to make an impactful statement about how beautiful and distinctive your rings are!

Slicked-Down Look

Slick-down styles are an easy and stylish way to keep hair out of your face and can also act as protective styles for natural hair. Add a flower crown or small braids for a feminine twist on the classic slicked-down style. Although this look might appear less polished than its counterpart, it still manages to look chic. Use the same technique to slick back your bangs or fringes – an effortless style allowing you to focus on the task without hair getting in your face! This style keeps hair out of your face so you can focus on keeping busy with life and work.

Short Taper Haircut for Curly Hair

Curly-haired individuals may find this short taper haircut ideal. They featurefeature rounded curls on top, shorter sides, and back with almost-shaved sides for low maintenance style and fashion-forward appeal. Pair this look with light blonde highlights for an appealing, natural color combination!

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is the ideal natural hairstyle for men looking for an effortless yet masculine style. Perfect for athletes and construction workers alike, its ease of maintenance makes it the ideal solution without needing trimming. Plus, it looks stylish! If you want an eye-catching way to style your buzz cut, ask your barber to add an eye-catching design or pattern. Actor Wentworth Miller sports an attractive temple fade haircut featuring an eye-catching, cool-toned design at his hairline. An alternative variation on the buzz cut is an afro-pixie blend, like this style worn by actress Alexandra Shipp. Her delightful pixie features just enough length on top to show off some kinky curls, while its base remains short and faded – plus, its unique shaved-in part line adds even more flair!

Colored Tips

No matter your style of hair – from classic black pixie cuts to box braid bobs – adding color can easily amp up your look. Platinum blonde is an eye-catching and timeless hue, while you could try the balayage or ombre technique for even more creative options. Make sure that before taking the leap and dyeing your locks permanently! Talk to your stylist first about any decisions related to dying your strands. Even with a short haircut, it is possible to experiment with intricate twists and plaits. This adorable natural style features a tapered afro with long side tendrils you can twist out for more of a rounded shape or let down as desired – complete with an eye-catching purple hair cuff for added color! Perfect for shopping trips or brunch with the girls. Ensure your dye holds up to daily wear and washing for best results!

Victory Rolls

Victory rolls are impressive, featuring near cone-like curls arranged front and center above the forehead. This approachable look works for many hair lengths and textures and makes an eye-catching statement at formal events or special occasions; add flowers for an aesthetically feminine finish! Thanks to Hollywood stars like Lana Turner, victory rolls became fashionable during World War II. Women were strongly encouraged to contribute their help towards war efforts, and it was believed that victory rolls would protect long hair from becoming caught up in factory machinery. Start by sectioning your hair into two equal sections above your ears. Comb one of them upwards, backcomb it, and then use your brush lightly to smooth and blend them. Next, arrange your top section into a tight circle using hairpins as an anchor point. Finally, repeat this process on the other side before setting it with hairspray for lasting results.