Celebrity Styles For Very Long Hair

Long hair has long been associated with femininity. But it can also serve as an impressive statement of independence or even rebellion against cultural expectations. Time may be required, but growing your hair can be worth it. While more frequent washing may be required, you’ll save money on haircuts and likely experience fewer split ends in return.

Long Layers

Long layers are one of the stylists’ go-to solutions for adding variety to long locks. No matter if your locks are thin or fine or thicker tresses, layers remove weight while adding volume and movement to curly or wavy styles as well as shine to straight strands. Layers also work great if you have highlights or ombre hair as they help highlight each shade and tone of color in your locks. Dependent upon your facial shape, you can experiment with the layer length to create various effects.

Coarse hair can benefit from multiple layers added, as this will add texture and create a shaggy or choppy appearance. However, you should expect additional upkeep requirements as you must trim these layers more often to keep them from becoming uneven or too choppy. Fine and thin hair looks delicate with long layers and can be used to cover grays or add light color highlights. Long layers also add sophistication and can work wonders in combination with bob cuts or chic lobs. Softer face-framing layers are an elegant way to go for more conservative styles.

Long Curls

Long curly hair can make for an eye-catching style when properly styled, and an excellent haircut is key in maintaining this look. A good stylist will recommend a cut that allows face-framing ringlets without adding too much length at the bottom of the head. They may also suggest giving volume-reducing root treatments and regular trims to keep curls looking their best and prevent slipperiness throughout the day. A dry texturizing spray with heat protectant features can also ensure lasting curls!

Deep side parts are an easy and versatile way to frame your face with long curly locks. Ombre coloring adds dimension and a pop of color, while bright hues act as highlights or even serve as neutralizers if your locks are very dark. Styling long curly hair in a large braid can add a sophisticated edge to an ensemble. Adding Suave Luscious Curls before combing through it can add extra dimension and texture.

Your stylist can show you how to style natural kinks in your hair to achieve a chic and sexy style. They may cut your locks so they frame your face with face-framing coils and offer advice about using dry texturizing spray or curl enhancer products that help define and energize the curls in your locks. If you want to keep your naturally curly locks at a length that works for you, ask your stylist to perform a Deva or Rezo Cut. This will prevent overly textured strands from becoming excessively texturized while simultaneously looking healthy and radiant. To minimize frizziness, use a smoothing serum specifically made for colored hair strands.

Sleek Layers

Layers provide an effective way to add texture, volume, and movement to long locks. Layers also help accentuate curls without making locks feel heavy. If unsure which kind you prefer, speak with your stylist who can customize your layers specifically to work with your individual hair texture and face shape.

For an effortlessly modern style, consider opting for smooth slicing layers that aren’t too blunt. These will look stunning on both wavy and straight locks alike! Combine it with subtle balayage highlights for an ideal sun-kissed effect that requires minimal upkeep. For an extra romantic feel, opt for side-swept or swoopy layers. This style can flatter most face shapes and works best on curly or wavy hair types. Pair this look with a light hold hairspray and shine glaze for the best possible polished finish. For added drama, add color streaks to your locks for an eye-catching effect. This look works especially well on oval and heart-shaped faces. Asymmetrical layers can make your hair stand out. Longer layers on one side of your head can add volume to your crown while shorter layers on the opposite side can frame your face and slim it down for a slimmer appearance. Have your stylist create this look according to your face shape, part placement, and bone structure.

When it comes to highlighting your locks, balayage or ombre can be great options. Balayage involves having your stylist hand-paint your hair using an artful gradient of color that blends seamlessly. Touch-ups only need to be performed a couple of times each year. Ombre provides less maintenance than highlights and may be better for those not ready to commit fully to changing their color scheme.

Katy Perry understands the value of layers. No matter if she wears a long, voluminous blowout or tousled pixie hairstyles, Katy always completes the look by adding strategically-placed layers. Halle Berry also finds layers indispensable – whether she is creating a chic chin-length bob or amplifying her short pixie cut by layering up.