Top 5 2020 Short Curly hair Trends

Tangled Style for Natural Texture

Curly hair demands haircuts that emphasize its natural texture. Try this tangled style that lets your ringlets flow freely for a complete, round, rippling appearance.

Chic Pixie with Angled Fade

Add modern flair with this chic pixie featuring an angled fade and finely tapered sides and back for an updated look.

Cute Pixie with Subtle Angles

This cute style also boasts subtle angles and finely tapered sides and back, enhancing its kind.

Pixie Cuts for Stunning Curls

Pixie cuts are ideal for showing off stunning curls in short hairstyles. It is easy to style and seductive if slicked back with some curly tendrils framing the face for a desirable effect, so pixie cuts provide the ideal opportunity to showcase them. Add texturizing products or caramel highlights for additional dimension and stunning texture!

Layered Choppy Pixie Cut for Thinner Hair

If your hair is thinner, a layered choppy pixie cut can work wonders to give your crown volumetric asymmetry and the illusion of fullness. Additionally, this style works exceptionally well with a square jawline, as it will soften your robust facial features.

Classic Bob with Short Layers

A classic yet stunning bob with short layers will look gorgeous on any woman. Perfect for casual events and coffee dates alike, this style requires minimal upkeep, as all that is necessary is brushing and adding some hydrating mousse for styling purposes.

Tousled Beach Waves

Nostalgic of beach days gone by, tousled waves have quickly become an effortless, seasonless look that everyone can sport. To achieve them,, using air drying or curling irons and ensuring ensuring your coils don’t look too perfect is critical.

Exciting Bowled Top Look with Curly Fringes

This style adds an exciting edge to the bowled top look with its faded sides and curly fringes draping off the forehead.

Medium Curly Cut for Adding Length

This look could be ideal if you have medium-curly hair and want to add length to your cut. It’s adorable and will create the appearance of a much longer bob. Tease your locks up for more volume, or use a headband to keep the curls out of your way.

Lob Hairstyle for Short Locks

The lob is an ideal hairstyle for those who want to experiment with short locks but need more time to be ready to commit to a full bob. Designed to sit around the shoulders and clavicles for easy styling and maintenance, this style is easily adjusted for women of all ages.

Versatile Medium Lob with Bangs

Medium lobs are highly versatile cuts that work on all hair textures – even those with waves! For an updated look, pair your medium lob with bangs to give it an uncomplicated aesthetic, or add depth and volume through layers or balayage highlights for an exquisite finish.

Eye-Catching Multicolored Lob

Are you looking to make an impression with your lob? Dyeing multiple colors can be an eye-catching but fashionable statement, whether creating an ombre effect, rainbow style, or mixing two different hues to achieve an authentically blended appearance. Silver hair stands out particularly nicely as an eye-catcher while being easier to maintain than its brighter hue counterparts.

Flattering Bangs for Curly Hair

Do not be intimidated to try bangs if you have curly hair – they are extremely flattering and won’t require much upkeep! Side-swept bangs that frame the forehead are ideal for an elegant, feminine look. To maintain fresh bangs throughout the day, use a hydrating dry shampoo product as needed to sop up any oil that accumulates.

Exaggerated Style with V-Shaped Bangs

Add V-shaped bangs for an eye-catching effect when styling a short curly crop for an exaggerated style that shows off the delicate dying job done by a skilled salon stylist. This face-framing haircut allows you to express your inner goth while showing off your hard work!

Bold Fringe with Inverted Bob

Bejewel your inverted bob with a stylish fringe cut into choppy baby bangs to add some bold edge and pair beautifully with an ashy blonde balayage hue. For an off-duty style, have your stylist twist back the fringe and pin it near the ears for a cute half-up style; this way, you can test out what kind of fringe look works without going for the full chop!