Updos For Short Curly Hair

Complex updos may seem impossible on short hair, but remember; they’re possible creations! If you have enough patience, a stunning ponytail, French twist, or bun is within reach. Various updos work perfectly with short hair, from bob to angled or layered cuts. Try something from side braiding or pinback styles for added impact!

Messy Low Bun

Try this low messy bun updo for an elegant yet sophisticated look that is ideal for special events. This style allows women to achieve chic sophistication without compromising their natural curls or length. This style is also adaptable and perfect for daily wear and formal events! Start this stunning updo for curly hair by detangling with a wide-tooth comb or brush and using a frizz-fighting product, such as Affinage Anti Frizz Spray. Gather your locks into a loose ponytail, twist it, and wrap it around its base for a gorgeous, effortless look that works exceptionally well on shapely face shapes. You could add extra volume by spreading apart your coils a bit further!

Braided Side Bun

A side bun with braided sections adds volume and elegance, perfect for casual, classy updos or wedding day hair. This bride teased her crown, gathered her locks into a relaxed twisted side bun, and added an attractive tendril of baby’s breath for an added touch. Low-side buns featuring shiny flower accessories make a stunning statement at any formal event, whether as the bride, guest, or both. Furthermore, this look works particularly well at themed parties or costume events. Before beginning this intricate yet captivating updo, hydrate your hair well. Use pomade or serum to smooth away frizz for silky and glossy locks; once smoothed out, comb through them easily for easier control.

Wedding Updo

Try choosing a low bun for an elegant and refined wedding day look. Tuck coils under and secure with bobby pins, or let loose strands fall for a more natural-looking style that can still work with a tiara. For an effortless boho-chic aesthetic, opt for a loose chignon featuring soft waves or curls with face-framing strands for a romantic and sophisticated appearance. Or create the same vibe with a twisted updo featuring a veil. Ponytails don’t just belong in casual settings. With creative styling techniques and extra details, such as adding clips and flowers for texture and flair, a sleek ponytail can look elegant on your special day. Additionally, your stylist may tease your tips into flowing ringlets for an abundant appearance.

Textured Updo

An elegant updo for short curly hair can be achieved easily if you utilize a volumizing product and play with loose coils. Tighten up a few loose curls for added height, or tease the top to heighten your style’s drama and achieve your desired look. Whether your locks are straight or wavy, this updo makes for an elegant style ideal for formal events. Tight curls and an eye-catching side-swept bang add girlish beauty to this cute style. Rather than risk having too few strands for an updo, consider using hair extensions for added length and versatility. This will enable more intricate updos than would otherwise be possible with shorter locks, volumizing paste or spray may help the wings adhere more securely.

Twisted High Bun

No matter the occasion or purpose for which your hair needs tucking away, a cute twisted high bun makes an effective protective style. Its unique twist will better conceal any elastic bands than regular ponytails! This textured updo is not only beautiful, but it is also easy to achieve. Perfect for anyone seeking to add some drama to their look! Try this lace braided updo for an effortless yet romantic style that’s both chic and romantic. Sure to impress loved ones at any special event or gathering, such as prom or weddings. Loosely pinned tresses give depth to this updo, while hair accessories allow you to personalize it as desired.