Gray Hair With Blue Highlights

Gray hair with blue highlights makes an eye-catching fashion statement, especially for women who feel comfortable sporting vibrant makeup colors. This hairstyle works best on women with cooler complexions who feel confident wearing colorful eyeshadows and lip products.

Steel-Blue Highlights

Steel blue is a medium shade of blue with moderately reduced chroma, similar to that found on steel that has been treated with bluing to prevent corrosion. It was first introduced as part of the original X11 color set in 1987 and has been widely used online since then. Even the NFL team Houston Texans use deep steel blue as one of their team colors!

Homestyle steel-blue ombre styles can easily be achieved at home with minimal lightening needed, perfect for gray hair as it helps conceal any red or yellow tones within its strands.

Purple Highlights

Purple is an increasingly popular choice among those with gray hair as it adds dimension and can complement your wardrobe. Darker hues of purple symbolize power and urgency, while lighter ones evoke romance and sensuality. Ask your stylist to add subtle hues of blue and purple into bright silver locks for a cool-toned look that highlights natural gray strands without hiding them away.

Ash Blonde Highlights

As cool blonde shades remain fashionable, colorists are exploring different combinations. One technique combines ash blonde with silver or gray highlights for an eye-catching beachy aesthetic. This ash shade compliments warm skin tones and masks gray strands without going full-on platinum.

Baby Blue Highlights

Baby blue is an elegant hue for accentuating grey locks, as its light shade complements all hair types. Its versatile nature makes it perfect for trying the popular mermaid hair trend.

Pastel Blue Highlights

Try this soft blue-gray balayage for a soft touch of color in wintertime. The cool-toned shade looks best when worn in a blunt bob. This pastel blue look works beautifully on dark smoky gray hair colors, bringing out their rich hue. Wear with straight or wavy locks for an eye-catching finish.

Complimentary Colors

Gray hair is a cool-toned hue, making it the perfect partner to warm-toned hues such as orange, yellow, and red. Additionally, neutral tones like shades of white or gray go well with gray. This combination requires little maintenance and creates an eye-catching contrast effect.