Updo Hair Style For Every Occasion

Updo hairstyles are an elegant way to add sophistication to any ensemble. From prom-worthy romantic updos to more casual styles perfect for day trips with friends, there are sure to be plenty of looks that can work.

Braided Updos

An elegant braided updo is an effective way to protect your locks from the heat on hot summer days while still looking your best at formal events such as weddings and dinners. Additionally, it makes the ideal look for women with long, thick locks, as it helps hide their ends! Those with long, curly locks can create a stunning braided updo that effortlessly turns heads.

French Twist

The French twist is an iconic updo that works beautifully for any special event or casual outfit, perfect for showing off your neckline and shoulders. To achieve it, wash and let dry your hair completely; smoothing serum can also help maintain its sleekness and shine. For an effortlessly chic French twist, tease your hair before twisting it.

Side Braid

A side braid is an elegant style that pairs perfectly with any dress and hair texture/face shape. Add flowers or eye-catching hair pins for a unique touch – ideal for brunch, homecoming, or wedding events! For this look, start by parting your hair in an off-center part and then combing it down to create a smooth cushion of hair to pin.

Messy Undone Updo

An undone updo is an elegant and feminine style to sport your locks in, perfect for formal events. To achieve it, use volumizing mousse to add height, followed by Pattern Argan Oil hair Serum. After applying, tie your locks back into a ponytail with ribbon for a seamless finish. This effortless updo requires little maintenance and can be made quickly for an everyday look.


Updo hairstyles offer various options for various occasions, from braided updos to French twists, side braids, and messy, undone updos. Finding the perfect updo can elevate any outfit and help you feel elegant and confident. Experiment with different styles and find the one that best suits your hair texture and personal style.