Sally Beauty: Flourishing Business During the Pandemic

Sally Beauty, the hair retailer and wholesaler, has seen its business flourish during the pandemic, especially with salon services and vibrant colors. Their CEO wants this trend to continue.

Studio by Sally: Innovative Teaching Salon

Studio by Sally offers an innovative teaching salon concept staffed by certified stylist-educators. Sessions with these educators focus on root touch-up instructions, all-over color instruction, and styling tips such as bouncy blowouts or defined wash-and-go curls.

Wide Selection at Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty may be best known for their hair dyes. Still, they offer many other products to meet any hairstyle imaginable – everything from makeup and nail polish to extensions! While reviews for their products vary online, they provide good value for the price tag.

Color Bar Salons: Quick and Cost-Effective Solutions

Sally Beauty’s new Color Bar salons provide quick and cost-effective hair-lightening solutions for busy professionals without the time for highlights. Their first location opened up near Sally Beauty’s corporate HQ in Denton.

Affordable Beauty Products at Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply is a popular beauty store that sells high-quality products at reasonable prices, including makeup, haircare, and nail products. They even have rewards programs and discounts! Customers love Sally Beauty for its diverse selection of brands available, and many consider its products worth their money.

Professional Salon Products at Sally’s

Sally’s stores also carry professional salon color and treatment products from other brands in addition to Sally’s brand, along with tools and supplies designed to help customers achieve the look of their choice. You may even find organic or natural options at Sally’s!

Economical and Convenient Hair Dye

Sally’s hair dye is an economical and convenient solution for people looking to change their color without visiting a salon. Formulated with professional-quality ingredients, its dyes offer longer-term color results than most box dyes available today – although their effects may only last for a while.

Studio by Sally: Encouraging DIY Beauty

Sally Beauty Holdings has recognized the rise of DIY culture within the beauty industry and responded by opening Studio by Sally in Denton. Situated within this college town known for its artsy boutiques and bustling creative energy, Studio by Sally hopes to encourage consumers to take control of their beauty.

Teaching Salon Concept at Studio by Sally

Licensed stylist-educators utilize the “teaching salon” concept to teach customers how to color their hair at home, using an educational menu of all-over color, lightening, root touch-ups, highlights, balayage, and styling services. Sally Beauty has also partnered with Perfect to offer ColorView, an augmented reality virtual try-on experience in-store and online.

Easy hair Dye Removal with Sally Hansen

Have you experienced the frustration of coloring your hair with box dye? Removing it can take hours and be messy; however, Sally Hansen’s hair dye simplifies this process with its quick application and removal process and wide range of natural and funky shades that wash off easily without drying out your locks.

Studio By Sally in Denton

Studio By Sally opened its inaugural location on March 23, 2023, in Denton, Texas – an urban city known for its universities and vibrant creative energy. This innovative “teaching salon” concept employs licensed stylist-educators who help consumers select the appropriate color, and developers teach how to apply, customize, and achieve salon-quality results.