UK Haircut

Whether your locks are straight, wavy, or mildly curled, modern business-appropriate British styles such as the backcombed style can help create business-appropriate looks for men with neck-length strands.

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As its slang name implies, the mullet is a concise front and top length yet long back style that was popular during the ’80s and continues to gain popularity today.

Ideal for anyone looking for stylish yet practical styles to sport while remaining timeless and current, the classic mullet can be styled in many different ways, including slicking back, spiked up, or combed over, as well as finished off with some form of hair mousse for volume.

More modern versions can feature shaved or faded sides which create bold separation lines; this style works particularly well when worn with thin or fine hair, as the texture adds dimension to its overall effect.

This non-conformist take on the mullet is especially great for those with wavy or curly locks who struggle to find cuts that suit their textures. Drying with texturizing spray and using your fingers to enhance natural movement makes creating this non-conformist style possible.

If you’re a student looking to reduce their haircut budget, try visiting a trainee barber or stylist. They are usually well-supervised; you may receive discounts by showing your student card.

Although the Liverpool perm has returned in Liverpool, its military-inspired counterpart is proving equally popular in Oxfordshire.

Think skin fade on the back and sides with short, textured layers topped off by a blunt fringe – something many Oxfordshire residents love right now.

Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and their counterparts were among the hottest pop music sensations of their era for over a decade, selling out stadiums and albums despite often disbanding after only short stints of fame.

While these bands may no longer exist today, their influence will live forever in history books.

Jagged Edge was another UK band to gain prominence during the 90s; their music combined elements of fun, laidback rock with sensual R