Cardi B Hairstyles – Choose Your Style With These Latest Model Ideas

If you’re a fan of Cardi B, then you’ve probably seen a few of her Hairstyles. She recently wore a voluminous fro in a Fashion Bomb Daily spread, and a blue textured bob in Rolling Stone. In addition to her iconic fro, she also flaunted a variety of other styles in public appearances.

talon-like nails

Cardi B recently made a statement by rocking a set of massively long nails during her last court appearance. It was an impressive look for the rapper, who is known for making statement with her looks. We’re not quite sure what exactly it is that made her choose to rock these nails, but it certainly seemed like an interesting look.

After debuting colorful Hairs and manicures over the past three years, Cardi B has finally tempered her look. During a court appearance in Queens, New York, the rapper went with long French-manicured acrylic tips and square-shaped nails with a V-shaped base. The manicurist added a few accent crystals to her nails.

Cardi B also shared a close-up of her manicure while celebrating the first birthday of her son, Wave. The look started with a classic french tip and ended with a dramatic smile line. Then, she added several decals, hearts, and other traditional gems. The result was a set of very unique nails, and fans are going gaga over it.