Two Tone Hair Design Ideas for Modern Men

Soft medium-hue light brown to light spicy black two tone styles for straight hair. Credit goes to Kerastase Keratin Complexion Serum. This is an ultra-light blond finish with sharp textured ends, a bit of a bob cut throw-back to the classic stick-straight, long hair cut from some years ago. To top it off, the textured ends add an extra touch of drama to what would otherwise be a straight looking, boring look.

Two tone is an extremely popular trend, and it’s absolutely easy to understand why. It enables you to get extremely creative with haircuts in an easy, super fun way. Whether you prefer natural darker tones or bright, punchy hues, try out some of the following two tone design ideas below for tons of inspiration! One: If you’ve always wanted to try something slightly more rebellious than your everyday tousled routine, try one of these two-tone styles. With that nearly completely straightened and tinted (if not already), you will achieve a very unique, edgy look that few people are fortunate enough to get.

Gray and Black – New Two Tone Styles

There is a new of popular two-tone Models in modern shades of gray and deep red-brown. The cut is usually a medium back and medium sides, with an edgy long Mohawk which reflects the gorgeous vintage Gray Hair color trend for this fall. The top is perfectly styled for volume and texture with some faded gray, pink and lavender in the front for highlight areas. The sides are lightly waved with soft color highlighting with some gray, pink and a hint of yellow in the center. This two tone Model is extremely stylish and a quick and easy style to master.