Trendy Two-Tone Hairstyles

Adding color to your hair is a fun and trendy way to show individuality! One modern trend involves coloring face-framing sections in bright hues like pink, green, or blue. This works well on pixie cuts and can give your hair a vibrant touch. For example, you could add a delightful pop of pink to your short bob. Keeping most of your natural strands undyed will help showcase this vibrant shade.


Peekaboo highlights are an easy and affordable way to give your hair some color pop! These semi-permanent colors are applied underneath the top layer and reveal themselves when your locks are parted or pulled back, creating a splash of hue that makes a statement. It’s also a great way to test new shades without a significant commitment. Blondes can opt for light pink peekaboo highlights, while bright blue and purple hues can add extra character to their appearance. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even go for a rainbow hairstyle by bleaching and applying dye.

Alternative Color Options

If you need to get into the vibrant and bold look, there are other color options for two-tone hair. Rose gold, light peach, or coral hues can look fabulous on any hair texture and pair nicely with different complexions. These subtler alternatives, like soft peach or coral, can help ease you into brighter hues. You can start by giving your strands a neutral tone, like chestnut brown, to help transition into two-tone styling.

Fully Colored Top and Bottom Layers

Instead of only showing some of your natural hues, fully colored two-tone styles involve coloring all or most of your locks’ top and under layers with two-tone dye. This can create a bold or subdued look, depending on your desired type. Streaked or streak-color highlights are a quick way to add vibrant hues without a long-term commitment. They are also great for adding texture to finer locks without bleaching treatments. Adding pastel shades like lavender or teal is famous for a summery, eye-catching look. Ensure all the chosen colors harmonize with each other and your skin tone to avoid looking garish.

Colored Tips

If you prefer a more subtle two-tone hair color look, you can add colored tips. This technique adds dimension without bleaching all your locks, making it ideal for achieving an informal surfer girl look. Brunettes can also take advantage of two-tone hair by selecting a darker base shade and adding pops of bubble gum pink, bright red, or another vibrant hue that complements their skin tone.


For a subtler two-tone look, consider adding babylights. These highlighters only penetrate the top layer of hair without touching the roots, allowing your natural-colored seeds to blend in as they grow naturally. This avoids leaving a noticeable line when the hearts appear. Babylights create a seamless blend with any natural-colored roots. Another daring style option is two-toned pigtails, which add flair to your hair with a striking contrast between a dark brown base and a lighter blonde top.