Shaggy hair Cut With Bangs

Even with long, straight locks, you can still achieve a shaggy style by adding choppy bangs – this looks great on most face shapes. This layered shag features feathered layers, which create movement and emphasize her eyes. If desired, waves and highlights may add extra character.

Dissociated Shag

If you have a round face, a shaggy feather cut with side-swept bangs may help balance out its frame. This hairstyle features layers that curve away from your cheeks to slim down the lower half of your face. Light brown shade and loose curls work best for this look.

Sharp Shag

Sharply-textured layers in this edgy shag haircut make a striking statement, perfect for those seeking low-maintenance styles. Add light bangs for added contrast. Farrah Fawcett made her signature layered shag haircut famous, but copper highlights make it even more stunning. Choppy layers grazing the collarbone provide volume at the crown, while wispy tendrils create a sensual peek-a-boo effect.

Fine Shag

Add bangs if you want to spice up your shag haircut with something modern and feminine. They’ll frame your face while adding to the overall style – or opt for side-swept bangs to achieve an adorable and feminine look – making this style ideal for women with finer locks. Straight hair can still achieve a bold and tomboyish style with a medium shag! The face-framing layers will show off your natural beauty. And for added flair, try coloring it strawberry blonde!

Inverted V Shag

Inverted V shags work wonders on all hair textures, particularly wavy or curly. Not only are they chic and modern-looking, but they also add volume to your fringe and add chic style. For maximum effect, use hydrating shampoo and conditioner. If your bangs are oily or frizzy, use dry shampoos such as Dove Refresh Care Volume and Fullness to refresh them and get maximum volume out of this look.

Layered Shag

A layered shag haircut is one of the most sought-after styles for shaggy haircuts, combining elements from classic bob and bang styles and adding texture. More subdued than its rock ‘n’ roll counterpart, layered shags work on almost any length, with its choppy layers helping break up its surface for a fuller, voluminous effect. Dependent upon your hair texture, you can tailor the thickness of layers to best flatter your facial features. A straight shag may frame your cheekbones, while curly shags emphasize your eyes. Furthermore, adding bold hues adds fun and playful elements to the style – Kilo Kish’s bubblegum pink bob, by way of example, is an example of modern yet slightly disheveled shag that works for all ages and lengths – something most shaggy styles cannot do!