Trendy Haircuts For Men

Men’s styles offer an excellent opportunity to express yourself while elevating your haircut. From classic Ivy League cuts and two-block with skin taper options to trendy two-block with skin taper designs, there is something suitable for every look in this modern marketplace.

Classic Comb Over with Pomade

If you have long hair, try a classic comb over with pomade for a professional and sleek appearance.

Brushed Up Fringe with Low Fade

A brushed-up fringe with a low fade is simple yet elegant for shorter locks.

The Fade

A fade is a men’s haircut in which the sides and back gradually thin out until their length shortens into almost nothing on top. It is an excellent addition to many other men’s haircuts and can be styled neatly or with more volume.

Straight Taper Fades

Straight taper fades are an interesting fade variation, offering more excellent contrast and a sleeker aesthetic. They work exceptionally well when styled into side parts or back with water-based pomade.

Low Bald Fade

Another variation on the fade is a low bald fade, which consists of a tight cut that gradually tapers off to reveal a longer length at the top. This style makes an excellent way to appear both dapper and sophisticated.

The Ivy League Cut

The Ivy League haircut is an iconic option for men looking for an intelligent and professional appearance. It consists of short sides with an extended top section which can be styled multiple ways; this look works particularly well when combined with a fade.

Achieving the Ivy League Cut

To achieve this look, your barber should cut a full-on bald look on the back and sides before tapering the bottom hair to half an inch – leaving more length on top for you to style or sweep back with pomade or wax.

Adding a Hard Part to the Ivy League Cut

Add an eye-catching element to your Ivy League hairstyle by including an intricate part in it for extra impact. This works exceptionally well if your locks are long, as it creates a striking contrast that’s sure to get people talking!

The Quiff

The quiff has quickly become one of the hottest men’s styles. Popular among fashion influencers such as Justin Bieber and David Beckham, this updo can add height and volume to your hair while lengthening the shape of a rounder face.

Textured Quiff

A textured quiff is an edgier version of the quiff cut that’s more faux hawk than rockabilly. If you’re going for this trendy haircut, look for products with a firm hold without leaving your locks feeling rigid or stiff.

Slick Back

A slick back is a timeless, sophisticated gentleman style that works for men with medium-length hair. Its sleek appearance helps balance out longer face shapes while adding youthful elements for younger gents.

Styling the Slick Back

Curly hair textures also look great with this style; curlier styles can be highlighted further by keeping sides short to draw attention upwards to the top. Marlon Brando and Brad Pitt are two icons who have donned this popular hairstyle, featuring a high fade that sits close to the scalp and is then combed back towards the back of the head with plenty of pomade for hold.

The Fringe

Fringe hairstyles have become one of the hottest men’s haircut trends this year, ideal for adding some flair and personality to their look.

Angular Fringes

Angular fringes have been incredibly fashionable; many celebrities have even been sporting them! Fringed haircuts will help slim and brighten your facial features for an improved appearance.

The Artistic Anarchy of the Fringe

Some view the Fringe as a place for artistic anarchy, while others see it as an exceptional forum for ideas and achievements. Furthermore, it provides emerging artists an outlet that would otherwise find difficulty reaching larger audiences, especially where venues and acts offer free admission allowing more people to experience shows they want without worrying about ticket costs.