5 Classic Short Hairstyles That Look Youthful and Playful

Classic short hairstyles can look youthful and playful with the appropriate styling. Choppy layers and some hair gel can add shape without looking staid. Audrey Tautou’s softly-layered pixie cut is timeless and feminine, ideal for women of any age. Have your stylist keep the sides short but add plenty of feathery layers at the top to build volume and frame your face.

This short, eye-catching hairstyle features fine delicate layering and two-tone highlights for maximum impact and visual impact. Perfectly complement your eyes while looking like an inimitable diva! Dark brown as the primary hue and caramel accents add vibrancy and seduction to any eye look. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has experimented with various hair lengths and styles, often opting for her signature shag with a sleek back mini-bun. When she donned it at New York fashion week, she made quite an impression wearing her rose-printed Saint Laurent catsuit and YSL logo heel combination – it certainly stood out amongst other attendees! Though Delilah doesn’t share her mom’s signature blonde locks, she once dazzled audiences by sporting a shaggy pixie cut, according to People. It complemented her honey-toned locks beautifully while fitting perfectly into her face shape – she even wore this daring style at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards, which perfectly complimented her figure-hugging Harris Reed dress!

A chin-length bob with a center part works for all hair textures, but is particularly flattering on girls and women with oval or long face shapes. To add even more chicness, add wispy bangs that frame your face and brush against your eyelashes – caramel highlights or subtle balayage tones can add color accents for an eye-catching finish! Journalist Alina Cho’s classic bob is an ageless classic that never goes out of style. Her face-framing bangs add drama and texture, while Alina Cho’s bangs frame her face elegantly. To give your bob some edge, try Sandra Bullock’s deep side part or opt for center parting with more volume; alternatively, rubbed pomade can help provide extra hold or dry texture spray like Kristin Ess’ Dry Finish Working Texture Spray (15), for even more shine and texture!

Anne Hathaway is no stranger to hair transformations; from her, Devil Wears Prada bangs and shaved head look for Les Miserables as Fantine to this short pixie cut giving off major 1980s no-nonsense mom vibes, Miley Cyrus and Ginnifer Goodwin have both rocked this low maintenance style! Recently, she made headlines for debuting the cut while filming Armageddon Time, an ’80s drama. While typically straight, her pixie took on more of a curly texture for this project and appeared more vintage-esque. Among other celebrities, Kourtney Kardashian and Florence Pugh have recently gone for short and sweet “bixie” haircuts (a cross between pixie and bob cuts) this season, showing that short and sweet styles remain on trend. No matter your choice for styling your locks, this versatile style will ensure it turns heads wherever it goes!

With a short haircut comes endless stylistic possibilities. Actress and mother-of-two Amy Madigan experimented with different looks when pairing her sleek bob with baby bangs to achieve chic and playful effects. Add your flair by asking your stylist for choppy layers and texture around the face for a modern and casual feel. A little texture spray and tousled locks may also help achieve this effortless look. No matter your hair texture, a textured crop suits all complexions and tastes. As an easy styling solution, this cut makes upkeep less of an effort; scrunch some Ouai Texture Jelly ($26) into your locks before using a texturizing spray for tousling and loosely styling your locks with a large curling iron. Once complete, this casual yet glamorous style can easily be dressed up for nighttime by pairing it with leather leggings or a blazer.